Eat healthy — your kids are watching

Good market newsletter article and as markets that have begun to reach out to families know, you need to involve both parent and child in the market.

Eat healthy — your kids are watching.

Whole wheat pizza – well it’s a start..

Students to see healthier school lunches under new USDA rules.

Food app for kids

Taggie, a smartphone app developed by recent Dutch design school graduate Niels van Hoof, allows users to direct a smartphone camera at the barcode of food items to learn about their origin, growth process, and different varieties. After recognizing the scanned barcode, Taggie launches a 3D augmented reality animation to engage children with a short, fun lesson about the food.Van Hoof developed the app as a graduation project for the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands after being inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. “He went to schools and tried to find out if kids know where food comes from,” van Hoof says. Perhaps needless to say, most of them didn’t—which set van Hoof’s wheels in motion. Van Hoof hopes that by using the app, children will “discover more about fruits and vegetables and [will not be] afraid of the product anymore, which results in living healthier.”

Untitled from Niels van hoof on Vimeo.

Farmers Market run by kids

What a great idea.