Food & Farm Bill of Rights

This came up on a listserve today. Thankfully by opening that email I was reminded of this page’s existence and reassured by the possibility of a stray elected official doing something right for all Americans.

Food & Farm Bill of Rights | Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

Seed in Oregon City

Just finished the first ever SEED
study in Oregon City, Oregon. Market manager Jackie Hammond-Williams puts together an amazing market every few days and has a lot of fun while she does it. Look for my upcoming FMC newsletter story about the study day and how this economic tool measures a markets impact. AND you’ll be able to read the report too – which was ready the next day. I guess we’ll let OCFM look at it first but I’m sure they will have it on their website very soon, and it will be followed by their weekday market SEED report too.



Random pictures only a market manager might love…

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Stepping in to help save a market

Great story on a small market in Oregon that was struggling to such an extent that it was about to close- until a market vendor stepped up to manage it. Interestingly, those interviewed seem to think that produce, although vital, needs to be balanced with a whole bunch of other items and educational events to attract and retain a large enough customer base. Sounds like a good track to me, but hey folks I might also look at the size, how space is used, parking and type of events offered already…
And take a look at how neighboring Oregon City Farmers Market manages the balance.
West Linn

Farmers Market Coalition visits Oregon City Farmers Market to kick off FM week

Stacy Miller, Executive Director of Farmers Market Coalition kicks off National Farmers Market week in Oregon.