Fishermen in crisis

Disasters have a way of leaving spectators’ daily memory bank to make room for new ideas and sometimes, for trials that are closer to home. Unfortunately, those that experienced the issues firsthand stay there once everyone has moved on.
The Gulf Coast oil spill tragedy is really still in its early days. The impact of the water quality on the region is mostly unknown but the Exxon Valdez spill gave some hints as to the potential long term danger to the seafood system.
What’s causing these dramatic shrimp declines is still unknown, government officials say. Some blame the floods last spring for pushing high levels of water into traditional fishing grounds. But many fishermen don’t buy it; they blame the oil. Fish and shrimp can move, and they can survive inflows of fresh water. Fishermen say if they’re out there, they know how to catch them. But so far, most haven’t been able to.
Mississippi fishermen