What is your food rule?

Last year I published Food Rules, a short book offering 64 rules for eating well. Food Rules struck a chord with many people, who found that it helped them navigate what has become a treacherous food environment, whether in the supermarket or restaurant.

Many of the rules were submitted by readers, and since publication I have received a number of excellent new ones.

So I’ve decided to publish an expanded edition, with additional rules and also illustrations, which the painter Maira Kalman has agreed to create. I hope you’ll consider contributing to the new book.

What are some of your food rules? I’ll pick my favorite three rules from within the Slow Food network and give those people signed copies of the book. Let me know your food rule here:


Thanks in advance for your help,
Michael Pollan

PS – the deadline for submission is February 27th. Don’t forget to forward this email to your friends so they can share their food rules too!