Japanese farmers market visit

What a treat to go along with this writer for her farmers market trip in Tokyo. Her purchases alone are worth the peek:
What we bought:

Ginger syrup kit from Tokaji Farm
White, brown, and black rice from Shigeyuki Kanai
Mochi, rice flour, and genmai meal from Kaya no Sato
Carrot jam from Tanno Farm
Edamame from Sanosuke Farm joined gifts of sweet potatoes and togarashi
Akagawa Amaguri winter squash from Kosaka Nouen

Her descriptions of the samples and products available are lively and show you the vendors pride in offering lovely offerings of basic human needs.
Just take a look at how eggs are displayed as if jewelry:

Eggs displayed at the Roppongi Market, Tokyo

Japanese market
Someday, I’d like to see it for myself.