Remember to remember Japan

From Jacqueline Church’s excellent food newsletter, even though its now more like 10 months since the disaster:’As I finish these edits, I am just back from the debrief by the Japanese Disaster Relief Fund team. They had are just back from Tohoku, Japan. Two months after the March 11 triple disaster, 115,000 people are still in living in 2,000 shelters scattered around Tohoku. Volunteers from within Japan and from Boston are on the ground in various towns, helping to clear debris, trying to elicit health status from quiet and stoic citizens in shelters.

Don’t focus on your heavy heart. Be grateful for what you have but don’t forget Japan. Giving feels good. Help in whatever way, small or grand, you can. Just do something. You will be enriched for it and feel less helpful in the face of the horrific news as it continues to unfold, as surely it will.”

And in the months to come. Remember to remember. Japan is counting on us.

Leather District Gourmet


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