KSU Research and Extension 2012 plan

Kansas State University Research and Extension

Fascinating to see the body of work that Kansas Extension has for 2012. Targets like food security, childhood obesity, climate change. An ambitious and inclusive plan that other states should emulate.

  The planning process for KState Research and Extension continues to be ongoing.
Within our seven planned programs, the plan currently includes seven strategic opportunities.
Those opportunities are as follows: Sustain Profitable Agricultural Production Systems;
Prepare People in Kansas to Thrive in a Global Society and All Aspects of Life; Ensure an
Abundant and Safe Food Supply for All; Enhance Effective Decision-making Regarding
Environmental Stewardship; Identify Pathways for Efficient and Sustainable Energy Use, Assist
Communities in Becoming Sustainable and Resilient to the Uncertainties of Economics,
Weather, Health, and Security; and Create Opportunities and Support People in Kansas to
Improve Their Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health and Well-Being. 

K-State Research & Extension files a combined research and extension plan of work with the United States Department of Agriculture. The new 2012-2016 plan lists the seven planned programs that will utilize the work of 422 extension and 266 research employees. Within each planned program, there are specific knowledge areas that define the work, states the number of research and extension personnel for that planned program and lists the percentages of time given by research and extension employees on these knowledge areas. The 2010 plan of work had four planned programs while the 2012-2016 plan has seven planned programs: Global Food Security and Hunger; Food Safety; Natural Resources and Management; Childhood Obesity and Nutrition through the Lifespan; Healthy Communities: Youth, Adults, and Families; Sustainable Energy; and Climate Change. ‘We cannot be everything to everyone; therefore, we have to focus on serving the highest priorities.’ (2012 Plan – page 1)