Hershey-more than chocolate

As I have mentioned here before, the folks at marketumbrella.org began looking at market typology when they began designing their pilot tools NEED and FEED. Since going on my own, I have continued that research and share it back with them. I hope to do a paper on the subject on typology this year.
This story points to a “campus market” The campus market has characteristics such that resemble the food security market, in that supply (or competition) may be limited, shoppers are meant to be drawn from a smaller radius and intervention in health outcomes is more pronounced.

Organizers asked hospital staff to educate their patients about the opportunities to purchase local fresh foods and participate in free wellness programs offered at the market.
“The key differentiating point for a farmers market located on a medical center campus is the proximity of experts in areas such as medicine, public health, nutrition, kinesiology and psychology, which enables the market to serve as a credible community venue for powerful public health promotion,” George said.



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