Grow with St. Joe CCFM Fundraiser

At the Tuesday Crescent City Farmers Market, I had another chance to support my old employer and hometown market: Buying a ticket to their “Grow With St. Joe’s event, the latest of their charming “popup” fundraisers. Founder Richard McCarthy has been busy mastering the art of creative fundraising on behalf of his organization over the years and when he does throw an event, they always reflect his deep awareness of how to connect his community to the food culture through fun and seasonality. St. Joseph’s Day is an important day for New Orleanians, and yet the Sicilian altars that used to be found in every neighborhood have lessened over the years. Leave it to CCFM to revive the tradition while remembering the saint who is credited with saving his believers from famine and in doing so, raise some money for our farmers markets.


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