Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food webinar

Thursday, I attended the USDA & Regional Food Systems: Navigating the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative – an NGFN webinar held by Winrock International. Nice overview of the new site that highlights the programs and case studies that have been supported by USDA in the last few years that benefit regional food. The Compass pdf is excellent and connects programs, farmers and funding so that people can see the entire scope. Do realize this is what has been funded through the USDA and not a list of all food projects in the US. Take a look at the webinar at a later date, it will remain available and do remember to download and share the pdf:
I think the enthusiasm over the site and the use of social media is fantastic, but I do hope that we can keep some paper and pen activists involved as well. So many of our networks do not have easy access to the internet or social networking-I asked how they might involve those without broadband and Wendy answered that they are working with the land grant universities and the extension service in every region and also working with partners that can spread the word. So please, visionary food system folks, set up a computer at the market or in your office and show your farmers, fellow organizers and stakeholders the site and make sure your stories are told on this excellent new site.


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