Support the development of the food systems journal to expand applied research

This is Amy Christian and Duncan Hilchey. We are the founders and editors of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, also known as the Food Systems Journal. We are fundraising because we are in the process of transitioning the Food Systems Journal into a nonprofit organization. We boot-strapped the Food Systems Journal three years ago with our own labor and investments, and have continued to subsidize it. Now that we’ve proved the concept of the journal, it’s time to grow and become more sustainable ourselves!

We have recently been accepted as a project of the Center for Transformative Action, an affiliate of Cornell University. The mission of the Journal meshes very well with the Center for Transformative Action’s, which is about making positive change in the world. With your support we are transforming the Food Systems Journal into a nonprofit that can receive grants and donations.




  1. The Food Systems Journal has published many papers on topics of interest to this blog’s readers — on pocket markets, consumer willingness-to-pay, Kaiser Permanente’s farmers’ market program, the intersection between markets and food sovereignty, and more.

    See more at, and we appreciate fundraising contributions at in support of this work!

    We welcome research that is a collaboration between practitioners and researchers; learn more at


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