Community Supported Enterprise Webinar offered

BALLE offers a webinar on a CSE (Community Supported Enterprise) called Worker’s Diner, which is using a local stock offering to finance a worker-controlled restaurant. Learn about the process and raising funds locally from the perspective of a worker cooperative:

Local Stock Offerings Part Two
Worker Ownership and Direct Public Offering

Chris Michael and Workers Development have been working to create Workers Diner, a family-friendly dining establishment serving traditional New York City diner cuisine in the heart of Central Brooklyn. Pending funding through a Direct Public Offering launched this spring, Workers Diner will be organized as a worker cooperative, with all voting rights and profits retained by worker-owners.

The founders of Workers Diner intend on establishing a replicable model for the financing of worker-controlled businesses: with startup costs raised from local communities, profits and proceeds can remain in local communities. Join Chris as he shares this model and the Worker Diner story.

Tuesday, August 14 at 10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 8am HT

Learn more and register:


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