Kits for shoppers

In the arc in the maturation of a market shopper, it is clear that one type of shopper quickly adopts the grower mentality and begins to supplement their purchases with items they grow themselves, often with advice from the market vendors they buy from. A savvy market would do well to capitalize on that thirst for knowledge with products that allow backyard growing or canning or preserving. One of my favorite examples (although not a market vendor!) is the oyster starter kit that Taylor’s Seafood sells out of their store front in Puget Sound. Designed for people with waterfront property, it teaches these folks to harvest a small amount and offers basic understanding to those with this valuable real estate of the need for a balanced ecosystem.
This mushroom kit is a great idea and versions of it should be available in markets across the US. Another example might be a box of slightly damaged fruit with ingredients and instructions for making a pie, or culled tomatoes with small bunches of herbs and instructions for sauce.
We spend a great deal of time attracting new shoppers to our markets, but need to take the time to keep the longtime ones too.

Our Story – Back to the Roots | Mushroom Kit – Yields up to 1 1/2 lbs in 10 Days.


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