Louisiana to close spring inshore shrimp season Thursday | Gulf Coast – WDSU Home

The education that markets must do to encourage more direct interaction between shoppers and vendors includes things like explaining fishing seasons along and near coastal waters. I have found that many, many people in my state are unaware of the seasonal nature of shrimping and are unaware of the difference between the fleets that are fishing in the Gulf (federal waters) and the family boats using the “inside” waters (state waters).
And that the very presence of fishers in these waters allows all of us concerned with oil companies and others that are constantly extracting from our waterways to have “eyes on the street” as it were.
In short, markets must remember that information is their currency.

Officials say data collected in recent weeks by state biologists indicate increased quantity, distribution and percentage of small, juvenile white shrimp within these waters. The decision to close this area was made in an effort to protect these developing shrimp and provide opportunity for growth to larger and more marketable sizes.



This graph is also useful:

Graphic from Times-Picayune

and this view from the seafood trade journal:
La Seafood and markets


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