The New Food Safety Rules are Bad for Farms and Food » Farmers Market Coalition


CHANGED to Thursday October 17th at at 1 pm Eastern (12 pm Central, 11 am Pacific)

FMC is hosting a FREE webinar at 4:00pm ET on October 15 to explain how the proposed rules will affect farmers markets and direct marketing farmers, as well as how to submit comments to make your voice heard. Market managers, farmers, and customers are encouraged to attend! Register today!
Additionally, NSAC will host a webinar on October 10th for all audiences. They’ll go over the rules more broadly, and provide instruction on how to submit comments. All FMC members are welcome to join either or both webinars. Register for NSAC’s here.
Help us spread the word and #fixFSMA!
FDA is proposing standards that undermine sustainable and organic production practices, subject many farms to regulations designed for industrial facilities, and may well prove too costly for farmers to implement and stay in business. The top ten major issues with the rules are found here:

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