Canadian measurement of local food impact

Received a great report this week from Community Food Centres Canada. These folks “provide resources and a proven approach to partner organizations across Canada to create Community Food Centres that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food.”
Their report has loads of information, including some clear metrics with some of the social (I.e. added connections, added trust) and human benefits (I.e. knowledge gained) as well as metrics for gauging the effectiveness of their projects for the communities that they serve.

+ 93% of community members surveyed report that Community Food Centres are an important source of healthy food.

+ 88% of food skills program participants have increased confidence in making healthy food choices.

+ 90% of food skills program participants report improvements in their mental health.

+ 91% of parents of children in After School Programs say their children showed increased confidence in the kitchen after having participated in the program.

+ 88% of community members surveyed report that they’ve made a new friend since they’ve come to their Community Food Centre.

Download their report here