Tom Spicer, the man who taught Dallas how to eat better, has died

Met him once and had a fascinating conversation on food and New Orleans and markets and restaurants and a few other topics. He was a true New Orleanian: engaging, voluble, opinionated and talented at a wide range of crafts.
People like this are necessary to those of us waging the often-solitary fight to build a sustainable food system piece by piece, person by person: they inspire and challenge us with their words and their actions. Thank you Spiceman. Tom Spicer, the man who taught Dallas how to eat better, has died | Dallas Morning News.

2009 Profile

an example of the type of comments left on Dallas sites upon news of his passing:
Tom Spicer meant more to me being in business than anyone. He was one of my first customers and he encouraged me from the very beginning. Tom gave me a list of my best accounts to this day! Tom was so passionate and fun to speak with , he started me off on my food journey in life and was essential in helping my company get started. Fennel and dill pollen spice would never be here today without Tom Spicer.


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