FMPP 2015

After reading through the thumbnails on the USDA site a few times (and they are added at the end of this post), you’ll find some of my takeaways on this round of successful grants. I combed through this list a few times, and did my best to collect data correctly (!)  but do realize my numbers are not precise and may be off since I just took the data from the summaries listed.

USDA expected to fund around 190 with this round of funding and, by their count, ended up funding 163 projects.

47 states, districts and territories are represented.

California has the largest number of grants with 14 (one was listed with KS projects)

The majority of the proposals focus on simple marketing and outreach for markets. Here are the grants that specifically mention one of the following:

  • EBT/SNAP/benefit programs: 44

Farmer/vendor assistance/expansion

  • Farmer Training: 47 (“Peer-to-peer”: 2)
  • Agritourism: 15
  • GAP training: 5
  • Storage for farmers: 4
  • Food trucks: 1

Marketing outlets

  • Mobile Markets: 17
  • CSA/Market Box/Farm Stands: 20
  • Online purchasing system: 6
  • Mobile app: 3
  • Food Hubs: 2

Market upgrades

  • New market development: 16
  • Market relocation: 3
  • 501 (c) application: 2

Strategic planning

  • Analysis/data collection/measurement strategies: 13
  • Network development/support: 16 (New FM associations: 2)
  • Additional staffing: 7 (internship program development: 3)
  • Market manager certification program: 1


  • Bilingual materials: 7
  • Transportation to market: 3
  • Curriculum: 4
  • Cooking demos or classes: 29
  • Kids events: 10 (POP: 2)

Some other odds and ends of creativity to share that showed up at least once: inclement weather supplies for shoppers and vendors, SNAP advisory committee made up of SNAP recipients, a road show that will highlight regional farmers via traveling through region, DRIVE (Demo, Ride, Incentivize, Vary, Eat) and FORAGE (Food Oases’ Role to Advance and Generate Economies), door-to-door outreach, meal-kit CSAs, online discussions, a Latino ambassador program, expanding shoulder season products (early Spring and Fall),  a pre-purchase system that allows for the use of (SNAP) benefits, a financial analysis to review market budgets,  creating easy-to-use fillable templates for managers, direct mail campaign regarding artisan meats, a partnership with library to offer educational opportunities for vendors and consumers, culturally-appropriate public service announcements, TANF workforce assistance in production, WiFi addition, assessing agritourism readiness, a farm-to-work week, technical support for U.S. Veterans to become farm entrepreneurs, best practices of university farmers’ markets.

Some specific outcomes written into the description: fresh produce and healthy living cooking experiences to 100 neighborhoods, strategic community development action plans for each FMNP market county,  two new retail options (pop-up markets), three thriving, community-run farm stands, extending the farmers’ market to year-round, a financially self-sufficient farmers’ market, eight new points-of-sale, collaboration between fifteen Latino owned farm enterprises and five local farmers and three local food businesses.

wow. I wish everyone good luck in this round of funding and will look forward to reading the results.

Awards List, listed by state

(AL) Recipient: City of Enterprise “From Farm to Table” Promotion and Advertising Campaign Award Amount: $52,000.00 Increase grower and consumer participation in the Enterprise Farmers’ Market and increase local growers’ “Farm to Table” sales by conducting an advertising campaign that utilizes events, activities, and promotional items that encourage purchasing products from local growers. Enterprise, AL

(AK) Recipient: Calypso Farm and Ecology Center Southside Community Farmers’ Market and Veggie Truck Award Amount: $56,620.00 Partner with the Resource Center for Parents and Children and the JP Jones Community Center to increase food access, awareness of local food options, and marketing options for farmers in the South Cushman neighborhood in Ester, Alaska by establishing a new Southside Community Farmers’ Market and Veggie Truck, ensuring the market is accessible to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients, implementing a marketing campaign to prompt locally produced food products, and mentoring beginning farmers in direct marketing. Fairbanks, AK

Recipient: Homer Farmer Market Homer Farmers Market: Expanding Local Access and Solidifying Networks Statewide Award Amount: $81,345.00 Increase access and market awareness of local produce for low-income and at-risk populations through increased advertising to targeted areas, demonstrations on food preparation, storage, and nutrition as well as increase the current efficiency of the market by providing regional producers and farmers’ market staff management training and support. Homer, AK

(AZ) Recipient: Heirloom Farmers Markets, Inc. Home Grown: Promoting Tucson’s New Permanent Farmers Market Pavilion Award Amount: $98,744.00 Increase the visibility of current and new vendors while enhancing the potential for their success at the Heirloom Farmers’ Markets (HFM) through increased sales and increase the number of and diversity of patrons to the market by: (1) promoting HFM’s Saturday and Sunday markets at the Rillito Park Food Pavilion; (2) developing and implementing an HFM Marketing Training Program, which will offer technical assistance to vendors; and (3) developing, implementing, and managing a sustained collaborative marketing campaign between HFM and regional farmers’ market vendors. Tucson, AZ

(AR) Recipient: City of Fayetteville Farmers’ Market Promotions, Special Events, & Capacity-Building Expands Regional Customers Award Amount: $58,856.00 Increase the direct producer-to-consumer sales and the consumption of local foods in Northwest Arkansas and economic benefit to regional producers by conducting an advertising and educational campaign that utilizes television and radio advertising, special events, and educational training session on merchandising, displays and social media exposure for local producers selling at the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market and the region. Fayetteville, AR

(CA) Recipient: California State University, Fresno Rural Farmers’ Market Initiative: Low Income and Food Desert Communities Award Amount: $100,000.00 Build staff capacity to increase direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities in rural Fresno and Kings Counties by developing a standardized curriculum that will be available to replicate similar training and capacity-building activities in other San Joaquin Valley food desert communities; increase farm vendor opportunities to sell their products in low-income, food desert communities in the San Joaquin Valley by establishing and promoting rural farmers’ markets; and demonstrate that farmers’ markets improve the quality of life in food desert communities by providing an access point to fresh fruits and vegetables by developing, implementing, and analyzing economic impact study for the project region. Fresno, CA

Recipient: City of American Canyon City of American Canyon, California Farmers’ Market Award Amount: $78,074.00 Enhance low-income resident access to fresh fruits and vegetables and generate awareness of the City of American Canyon’s Farmers’ Market, market days and times and educational, entertainment, and cultural events by launching and managing the farmers’ market in American Canyon, which will include Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) payment options; promoting and advertising the market to the local and regional community; providing education, entertainment, and cultural celebrations at the farmers’ market; and developing a plan for market sustainability. American Canyon, CA

Recipient: Community Services Unlimited, Inc. Village Market Place (VMP) – Community Education and Marketing Expansion Project Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase consumer purchases of local produce through the Village Market Place’s farm stands and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and build general interest and support for local agricultural producers by carrying out a dynamic community marketing and education campaign. Additionally, increase access to high quality, fresh, local, culturally appropriate produce for residents in low-income/low-access and underserved areas of Los Angeles and access to urban markets for southern California small agricultural producers through increasing the number of farm stands and CSA drop off sites. Los Angeles, CA

Recipient: Farms to Grow, Inc. African American Freedom Farmers Market Expansion Project Award Amount: $98,278.00 Increase the capacity and direct-to-consumer market opportunities of African American farmers to participate in local and regional farmers’ markets by providing culturally relevant market readiness training, education and networking for members of the African American Farmers of California Association and African American urban growers and gardeners from California’s Bay Area, Sacramento Delta and Central Valley regions. Oakland, CA

Recipient: Heart of the City Farmers Market SNAP Outreach and Nutrition Education in San Francisco’s Poorest Neighborhood Award Amount: $100,000.00 Positively affect the healthy eating habits in a low-income community and access to locally produced food through nutrition education and new customer orientation of the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market by promoting the use of SNAP at the market, conducting workshops and market tours, and providing cooking demonstrations for urban low-income neighborhoods. San Francisco, CA

Recipient: Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market, Inc. Junior Chef at the Farmers’ Market Award Amount: $97,207.00 Increase the consumption and sales of locally produced agriculture in Modesto, California by developing educational training for junior high school students that incorporates cooking classes at the Modesto Certified Farmers Market. Modesto, CA

Recipient: Orland Farmstead Creamery, LLC North State Producer Distribution Network Online Farmers’ Market Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase access to local foods and consumer awareness of the availability of local products by developing an online farmers’ market to serve Butte, Glenn, Tehama and Shasta counties in California and working with schools to educate children and families about local products. Orland, CA

Recipient: Pie Ranch Bay Area Farm Team: Taking CSA to the Next Level Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase the direct-to-consumer food sales in Bay Areas Farm Team’s member farms from the Central Coast and Capay Valley and boost the number of households in the Bay Area that regularly eat locally grown, sustainably produced foods by creating a formal partnership among 4-6 farms; designing, testing, and launching a meal-kit-based Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at three or more institutional partner sites; and cultivating relationships between participating farms, families, and institutions. Pescadero, CA

Recipient: Sacramento Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. Helping Families Access Healthy Food Award Amount: $52,318.00 Increase access to locally grown healthy food to individuals and families in Sacramento, California and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) purchases and the diversity of sales of produce at the Oak Park Farmers’ Market by conducting a focus group to determine the barriers to participating in the market and then developing and implementing an educational marketing campaign for consumers to learn about participating farmers and how to cook locally grown food. Sacramento, CA

Recipient: Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA) Award Amount: $42,488.22 Grow the number of farm vendors and strengthen farm vendor retention by developing market materials and advertising/marketing tailored to the greater Baldwin Hills Crenshaw community, creating an ongoing schedule of community events hosted at the market in partnership with local community partners, and creating and implementing a sales plan that focuses efforts on developing a training curriculum for vendors. Los Angeles, CA

Recipient: The Abundant Table Growing New Markets for Local Farmers in Low Access Communities Award Amount: $99,997.00 Increase the number of low-income families able to purchase weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes from an expanded number of CSA sites in low-access areas of the county; establish at least three schools participating in monthly popup stands; increase the amount and variety of culturally-appropriate fruits and vegetables through CSA and farm-to-school programs; and increase English-learning community awareness of and access to local, seasonal produce by (1) enhancing infrastructure for increased consumption of locally grown produce to low-access and low-income communities; (2) developing new marketing and promotional materials for outreach to schools, faith-based, and farmworker communities; and (3) piloting a new school pop-up farm stand at Title 1 schools, partnering with Ventura County Farm to School Collaborative. Oxnard, CA

Recipient: Training, Employment & Community Help, Inc. Modoc County Farmers Market Infrastructure and Expansion Award Amount: $89,732.00 Increase the availability and utilization of healthy, locally produced food and enable the expansion and operation of farmers’ markets and other direct-to-consumer activities by forming a non-profit organization and creating a strategic plan to sustain and expand the role of the market in the local food system; hiring staff to manage market educational, outreach, and operational activities year round; providing operational support to new and existing producers and partner with other entities to provide relevant producer training; and performing consumer engagement, outreach and education activities to strengthen the consumer-producer bond and increase market patronage. Alturas, CA

Recipient: University of California, Davis Building a Network for California Agritourism Development and Promotion Award Amount: $99,759.00 Increase the competitiveness and viability of small-scale California farms and ranches that diversify with agritourism operations by developing, improving, and expanding market opportunities, outreach, training, and technical assistance for farm and ranch operations serving roadside stands and other agritourism activities such as educational webinars with expert presenters, online discussions for the California agritourism community, providing monthly newsletters, increasing outreach to the public, and conducting regional workshops in four California regions. Davis, CA

Recipient: Kitchen 4 Hire, LLC Salina Local Food Markets Award Amount: $98,791.00 Increase sales and access of locally and regionally produced agricultural products in Saline County, Kansas as well as producer knowledge of local, state, regional and federal programs to assist with direct-to-consumer sales and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification through the implementation of a marketing campaign that targets food deserts and consumers that are recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and providing materials for farm vendors. Salinas, CA

(CO) Recipient: Boulder County Farmers’ Market Union Station Grower’s Market Award Amount: $99,163.57 Increase access to fresh, locally, and affordable produce for all demographics of Denver, Colorado while supporting local farmers, ranchers, and food artisans by establishing a growers-only farmers’ market at Union Station. Boulder, CO

Recipient: Community Agriculture Alliance Community Ag Marketplace and Locally Grown Farmers Market Booth Promotion and Expansion Award Amount: $81,648.00 Develop a thriving local food system that increases the sale of local food/products and the number of local producers selling products by providing education on benefits of buying local for consumers/community members, conducting a marketing campaign that highlights the availability of local food/products, training local producers how to market, package, and price their products, and enhance an online marketplace website. Steamboat Springs, CO

Recipient: History Colorado DBA Colorado Historical Society Pueblo Farmers’ Market Enhancements and Promotion Award Amount: $70,416.00 Improve visibility and vitality of Pueblo Farmers’ Market and increase consumption of local and regionally grown agricultural food and products by implementing a two pronged marketing campaign that brands the farmers’ market and educates local residents, emphasizing the elderly and low-income residents, by developing bilingual outreach material and promotional items. Pueblo, CO

Recipient: Pikes Peak Small Farms, P.B.C. PPSF TinyFarms Project: Finding Food in a Desert Award Amount: $51,031.48 Increase access to and the consumption of healthy local food by low-income individuals by implementing an educational program, TinyFarm, that links the farm and food to a curriculum that aims to create awareness, build knowledge, and strengthen gardening and cooking skills related to local food. Colorado Springs, CO

(CT) Recipient: Ledge Light Health District Eat Fresh New London Count Award Amount: $99,697.63 Increase local farmer participation in farmers’ markets and market purchases of locally grown, farm fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods by low-income individuals through establishing a New London County Farmers’ Market Manager Association; enhancing countywide promotion of farmers’ markets; implementing a Latino ambassador program to perform outreach to non-English speaking residents; facilitating a new farmers’ market internship program; and providing cooking demonstrations that promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables at the market. New London, CT

(DE) Recipient: Delaware State University Agriculture Business Training and Development Initiative Award Amount: $100,000.00 Enhance the quality of life, wealth creation, and self-employment opportunities for farmers by providing farm management education and training to community-supported programs in rural Delaware; creating avenues to increase revenue and maximize production through, experiential training on crop rotation and by creating value-added production opportunities; providing national certification training in food safety and handling; providing advertising and/or outreach to assist in marketing farms; and offering training and technical assistance to farmers and farm market managers in developing comprehensive business plans. Dover, DE

Recipient: Historic Lewes Farmers Market Society, Inc. Creating a Farmers Market “Living Lab” for Growth of HLFM Award Amount: $99,229.99 Support the economic viability of an expanded market season, improve market access in underserved areas, and increase awareness and marketing of local producers by expanding shoulder season products (early Spring and Fall), helping farmers develop value-added products and identify new market channels, expanding usage of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at the Historic Lewes Farmers’ Market, and providing marketing advice and support to improve market stalls. Lewes, DE

(D.C.) Recipient: Dreaming Out Loud, Inc. The AyaUplift Project: A Rural-Urban Alliance for Healthy Food Access in Washington, DC Award Amount: $99,430.00 Improve access to local food in low-income communities and provide direct-to-consumer access for farmers from Westmoreland County, Virginia by purchasing and installing a walk-in cooler to store produce at farm sites; designing and distributing outreach, wellness, and marketing materials; and establishing farmers’ markets in Washington, DC. Washington, DC

(FL) Recipient: A Simpler Place in Time, Inc. A Simpler Place Farmers’ Market Development and CSA Network Expansion Award Amount: $51,963.00 Increase the overall access of locally grown produce in the Riverview, Florida community and farmer direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities by establishing a producer only weekly farmers’ market that accepts Supplemental Nutrition Benefits Program (SNAP) benefits, implementing a marketing campaign that promotes local farmers and producers, conducting educational outreach for consumers to learn more about their local produce and farmers, and encouraging participation in the local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) network. Riverview, FL

Recipient: Central Florida Young Men’s Christian Association Central Florida YMCA Farmers’ Market Program Award Amount: $99,753.00 Partner with Picker’s Farm Truck Market and seven other farmers to increase access to fresh produce and understanding of how to prepare locally produced food by underserved communities through facilitating fresh produce and healthy living cooking experiences to 100 neighborhoods highlighting the produce of local farmers at the YMCA’s farmers’ market. Orlando, FL

Recipient: Common Thread International, Inc. Common Thread and First Coast Fresh a Regional Food Hub- Selling Fresh Food in Jacksonville Fl. Food Deserts Using a Mobile Farmers Market Vehicle and Community Engagement Marketing Award Amount: $100,000.00 Expand the avenues of produce sales for local farmers at the market and increase sales to the food insecure areas of the City of Jacksonville, Florida by identifying and retrofitting a mobile market vehicle, developing and implementing a marketing and community engagement plan, developing the use of a pre-purchase system that allows for the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and offering training and technical assistance to producers in the First Coast Fresh Food Hub. Melrose, FL

Recipient: Florida Certified Organic Growers, Inc. Hawthorne Community Farmers Market. Award Amount: $99,790.00 Increase the engagement between local producers and Eastern Alachua residents while enhancing diversification of the available local agricultural products at the market and improving participation in the farmers’ market and consumption of locally grown food by establishing a multi-weekday indoor farmers market; creating a state-permitted commissary for producers to legally wash, package, and store agricultural products; and creating a food-based community education program that provides outreach, training, and technical assistance to local food producers and consumers. Gainesville, FL

Recipient: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service Farmers Market Community Development Project Award Amount: $75,000.00 Partner with Market Umbrella to increase access to local food and nutrition education to low-income communities as well as the sales at participating farmers’ markets and their redemption rate for Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) coupons by researching farmers’ markets participating in the Florida FMNP, developing and hosting market manager and vendor trainings from data findings with Florida’s Farmers’ Market Coalition, developing strategic outreach plans for each community on the Florida FMNP for nutrition education and local food promotion, and creating strategic community development action plans for each FMNP market county. Tallahassee, FL

Recipient: Florida West Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council Manatee County Mobile Market Award Amount: $99,981.00 Increase domestic consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products in Manatee County, Florida’s food deserts by developing a sustainable mobile market that accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits; developing consignment opportunities to allow regional farmers, ranchers, and vendors of agricultural products to sell their products via the mobile market; and providing ongoing classes to consumers about preparing locally produced fruits and vegetables as well as to local farmers about marketing locally produced foods and the appropriate business skills for participating in a mobile market. Bradenton, FL

Recipient: Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc. Greater Frenchtown’s Heritage Market Expansion Award Amount: $100,000.00 Improve consumer access to and knowledge of the benefits of purchasing locally sourced agricultural products as well as the sales opportunities for farmers and value-added vendors in Frenchtown, Florida by conducting a marketing campaign that includes radio, print, billboards, promotional materials, and social media; hosting cooking demonstrations for at the market to highlight locally produced foods; and creating a direct sales business start-up toolkit and business resource library for local agricultural producers. Tallahassee, FL

(GA) Recipient: Community Farmers Markets, Inc. Building Sustainability in Farmers’ Markets Across Metro Atlanta Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase domestic consumption of and access to local agricultural products by providing two new retail options (pop-up markets) and training and technical assistance to struggling markets in the metro Atlanta area. Atlanta, GA

Recipient: Forsyth Farmers’ Market, Inc. Forsyth Farmers’ Market Mobile App Promotion Project Award Amount: $54,648.20 Increase the sales of local farmers and vendors at the Forsyth Farmers’ Market (FFM) as well as the total number of visits to the market locations by developing a free mobile app that will provide FFM Saturday market and Farm Truck 912 customers with real time information on market locations and hours, vendor availability, seasonal specials, and other information designed to increase the customer shopping experience and implement a Farmers Market App promotion program for FFM customers using social media, print media, earned media, and outreach to increase the number of downloads of the application. Savannah, GA

Recipient: Georgia Organics Growing a Self -Sustaining Customer Attraction and Retention Program at Georgia’s Farmers Markets Award Amount: $100,000.00 Empower farmers’ market managers to replicate the My Market Club ( without needing to partner directly with Georgia Organics through marketing, training, and educational outreach on the successful program strategies that have helped markets and farmers thrive. Atlanta, GA

Recipient: Main Street Jefferson Jefferson Farmers Market and Agritourism Program: Expanding Access to Local Food Award Amount: $33,082.00 Increase the purchase and consumption of locally grown and produced food and expand the venue and sales of local farmers and food producers by developing the Geocache Agritourism Trail, recruiting farmers and food producers to participate in the farmers’ market and the agritourism trail, developing a marketing strategy to grow the customer base, organizing transportation to increase resident access to the farmers’ market, and engage farmers to participate in locally-grown farm tours. Jefferson, GA

Recipient: The Project Generation Gap, Inc. The Georgia Farmers Market Association Award Amount: $90,035.00 Strengthen the state of Georgia’s market managers and local agricultural producers/vendors by creating a Georgia Farmers Market Association to standardize farmers’ market policies, practices, marketing, and training and technical assistance in Georgia. Snellville, GA

Recipient: The Rockmart Farmers Market, Inc. Stabilize and Expand the Polk County Farm to Consumer Capacity Award Amount: $99,910.38 Increase Rockmart Farmers Market consumers’ access to and understanding of locally produced agricultural products and local producers’ opportunities to sell their products, expand their product base, and increase understanding of consumer demand by providing new marketing opportunities for farmers; creating an online market, supporting training for producers to help them diversify their offerings and extend their seasons, and expanding outreach to and opportunities for additional producers; and educating consumers on the importance, availability, and benefits of locally and regionally produced agricultural products and promoting agritourism focused on local farms and their practices. Cartersville, GA

(GU) Recipient: Para I Probechu’n I Taotaota , Inc. Guam Farmers Market Award Amount: $99,276.00 Increase domestic consumption and access to locally produced agricultural products and expand market opportunities for farmers by developing a comprehensive marketing plan for the Guam Farmers Market designed to promote increased domestic consumption and direct sales to consumers and establishing a permanent and fully operational farmers market. Hagatna, GU

(HI) Recipient: Holoholo Farm LLC AgriCorridor: The Road to Farm Retail Award Amount: $81,648.00 Expand direct-to-consumer sales and increase production of locally grown and value-added products by North Shore farmers by obtaining, marketing, and managing a mobile processing unit that can be used by multiple farms and establishing an agritourism route (AgriCorridor) that connects visitors to local farms. Haleiwa, HI

(ID) Recipient: Homedale Farmers’ Market Sprouts Program Award Amount: $54,450.00 Encourage an increase in market attendance and in vendor sales at the Homedale Farmers’ Market by educating children about the benefits of locally grown agricultural products through informative, age-appropriate activities such as cooking demonstrations and conducting tastings of raw, local foods. Caldwell, ID

Recipient: West Central Highlands RC & D Council, INC. Increasing Access to and Revenue of Idaho Farmers Markets Award Amount: $93,978.00 Increase the domestic consumption of and access to locally produced agricultural products by providing support and assistance to farmers’ markets through resource development, regional meetings, and networking opportunities, increasing access to nutritious, local foods for low-income families through marketing and strategizing best practices for market acceptance of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and educating the public about the benefits of local, healthy food consumption through outreach activities. Emmett, ID

(IL) Recipient: City of Aurora Growing Aurora’s Farmers Market Award Amount: $99,965.00 Increase the sales for farm vendors and total number of vendors and improve the outreach, educational marketing, and services throughout the Market season by creating a bilingual information resource on Aurora’s Farmers Market website and a promotional campaign to increase the Market’s visibility to low-income, high-obesity neighborhoods; developing bilingual online videos, in conjunction with local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) agencies, to show how easy it is to shop with SNAP at the farmers market; and implementing a promotional campaign to strengthen community awareness and attendance to the Aurora market that includes cooking demonstrations at the market. Aurora, IL

Recipient: City of Carbondale Carbondale Farmers Market – Market Analysis Award Amount: $34,500.00 Partner with Market Ventures to identify ways to offer more regionally produced food to customers and increase vendor sales and consumer traffic by assessing current market operations at the Carbondale Farmers’ Market and finding potential development opportunities; exploring potential farmers’ market expansion opportunities and identifying locations that will provide the best location for vendors and consumers; and completing a financial analysis to review market budgets and determining feasibility and long-term viability of an expanded or improved farmers’ market. Carbondale, IL

Recipient: Fuller Park Community Development Corporation Eden Place Farmers’ Markets Award Amount: $99,952.16 Increase the amount of fresh foods available to residents of Chicago’s Fuller Park and other food desert communities by increasing the capacity of the Eden Place Farmers’ Market program to serve an even larger portion of its community and surrounding areas through conducting training for residents in topics concerning urban farming and food safety and providing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) food box program for residents. Chicago, IL

Recipient: Illinois Farmers Market Association Creating a Robust Online Direct Marketing Network for Farmers Markets Award Amount: $90,594.00 Support the success of farmers’ market and increase the consumption and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products by developing improved and expanded cooperative online system for sharing farmer and market profiles via multiple websites; promoting farmers, producers, and market managers through single registration through the MarketMaker Program; and developing and distributing an economic impact analysis identifying the effects the new social platform has on farmers, markets, and local communities. Springfield, IL

Recipient: Jacksonville Main Street Farmers Market on the Square Comprehensive Internet Marketing Expansion Award Amount: $39,620.26 Increase the sales and product exposure of the vendors of the Farmers Market on the Square and access to and resident consumption of locally produced, fresh food by providing Wi-Fi service for market participants and conducting a marketing campaign that uses live video, social media, and targeted entertainment. Jacksonville, IL Recipient: The Endeleo Institute, Inc. By Any Greens Necessary: Fresh Food Access Award Amount: $47,128.00 Implementing a healthy eating outreach and information campaign focused on the farmers’ market through local media advertising; conducting monthly nutrition and/or cooking classes coinciding with the market season at Robichaux Park, Trinity Church, and Woodson Library; facilitating field trips to the farmers’ market for those with limited mobility or no transportation; and fostering business development opportunities with individual farmers and local corner stores to encourage stores to purchase produce directly from the growers and sell retail in the neighborhood. Chicago, IL

(IN) Recipient: Farmers Market, Inc. South Bend Farmer’s Market (SBFM) Project Award Amount: $99,973.80 Partner with Pinter Consulting and Salsa Making to increase the number of farmer vendors and consumers at the South Bend Farmer’s Market through performing an analysis of the local market, which will assess consumer awareness of the market; developing relationships with vendors through web-based interactive connections; providing outreach and transportation allowing low income/low access neighborhoods to have access to the market. South Bend, IN

Recipient: Historic Newburgh Inc. Warrick County Farmers Markets Promotion Plan to Provide Vendor Education and to Expand Local Promotion, as well as, Agriculture Promotion. Award Amount: $60,076.00 Increase the number of trained market managers, volunteers, and vendors resulting in better managed markets that will see expansion of vendors, safe products, direct sales and customer base by providing training for vendors and market masters and developing a comprehensive marketing campaign with new marketing materials and opportunities to expand the promotion of two farmers’ markets in Warrick County, Indiana. Newburgh, IN

Recipient: Orange County Community Development, Inc. Orange County HomeGrown Farmers Markets: Assuring Sustainability and Community Benefits Award Amount: $56,952.72 Increase consumer awareness of locally grown agricultural products and knowledge of farm vendors by providing vendor workshops that cover topics including market development, new product ideas, business expansion and the means to sustain a viable business and conducting a marketing campaign for two farmers’ markets in Orange County, Indiana. Paoli, IN

Recipient: Town of LaGrange LaGrange Farmers’ Market Enhancement Project Award Amount: $60,816.26 Enhance farm vendor opportunities and low-income consumer access to locally and regional grown agricultural products by improving the quality of the weekly LaGrange Farmers’ Market through a promotional campaign that highlights the usage of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program benefits at the market. LaGrange, IN

(IA) Recipient: Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Fort Dodge Market on Central Agriculture Vendor Development Program Award Amount: $97,400.00 Increase the diversity of local agricultural products in the Fort Dodge Market on Central by sustaining existing and foster the development of new farm operations through promoting farmers’ markets locally and regionally, establishing consumer education programs through workshops and cooking demonstrations and vendor education programs through workshops and roundtables, and implementing an internship program to assist vendors in expanding into other markets. Fort Dodge, IA

Recipient: Northern Iowa River Greenbelt Association Developing and Expanding Tools for Direct to Consumer Marketing in North Iowa Award Amount: $61,136.00 Increase the visibility and marketing opportunities of local food producers, improve and expand agritourism across the Healthy Harvest region, and improve producer and consumer awareness and access to local food information by expanding/improving marketing tools, providing technical assistance for local farmers, and redesigning Healthy Harvest’s marketing tools and strategies. Belmond, IA

Recipient: Southern Iowa Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc. Growing Farmers and Farmers Markets Program Award Amount: $35,480.58 Increase the number of farmers’ market vendors, enhance local farmer skills related to direct producer-to-consumer marketing, and increase consumer attendance at farmers’ markets by implementing an advertising campaign that uses print and electronic media and conducting peer-to-peer workshops for vendors and potential vendors. 609 New York Avenue, IA

(KS) Recipient: Douglas County, Kansas Catalyzing Our Farmers Market Sector: An Action Plan for Douglas County, KS Award Amount: $53,650.00 Support the development of robust local and regional food systems across Kansas by conducting community-based research to create strategic recommendations and a Douglas County Farmers Market Action Plan for market enhancement; providing technical assistance and capacity building to local farmers’ markets; and providing the research process and results to statewide agriculture and health leaders as a model for other Kansas farmers’ markets. Lawrence, KS

Recipient: Kansas Department of Agriculture Kansas Farmers’ Market Toolkit Award Amount: $98,549.00 Increase consumer awareness and visitation and enhance farmer sales at Kansas farmers’ markets by creating easy-to-use fillable templates for managers to enter their markets’ information and use these professional pieces for promotional use in community newsletters, newspapers, websites, social media pages, and posters; providing additional signage and promotional materials for the market; and providing hand-washing stations allowing farmers’ markets to offer chef demonstrations and sampling to highlight how to use the fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins available for purchase at the market. Manhattan, KS

(KY) Recipient: Brighton Center, Inc. Mobile Markets of Northern Kentucky (MMNKY) Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase the distribution, access, purchase, and consumption of locally produced food by establishing, implementing, and promoting five mobile markets in Northern Kentucky, that will have the capability of processing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and engage customers in nutrition education and cooking demonstrations. Newport, KY

Recipient: Cumberland County Fiscal Court Farmers Market of Cumberland County Local Food Initiative Award Amount: $86,028.56 Increase farmer vendor participation and sales as well as consumer attendance at the Cumberland County Farmers Market by improving the location and service of the market; providing outreach to recruit local producers to marketing opportunities by direct mail campaign regarding artisan meats; and developing and implementing a marketing plan to advertise and promote the market to local consumers. Burkesville, KY

(LA) Recipient: North Louisiana Farm Fresh Corporation Expand and Promote Ruston Farmers Market in North Louisiana Award Amount: $47,784.00 Increase consumer consumption of local and regional food and vendor and market manager knowledge of marketing and product diversification by expanding the Ruston Farmers Market and implementing an outreach and educational campaign for both consumers and vendors. Ruston, LA

(ME) Recipient: Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets Increasing Access and Consumption Through Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week Award Amount: $99,000.00 Increase domestic consumer consumption of locally sourced foods by developing an educational campaign to inform the public about the multiple benefits provided by farmers’ markets, and facilitating the annual Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week, that will keep local foods and local farmers in the spotlight. Pittsfield, ME

(MD) Recipient: Engaged Community Offshoots, Inc. A Thriving Farmers Market for the Port Towns Award Amount: $100,000.00 Expand low-income resident access to healthy, locally grown food, while simultaneously making it possible and desirable for area farmers, ranchers, and value-added local producers to sell to this untapped constituency by establishing a market; creating marketing and communications material specifically gears to low-income residents; recruiting regional Maryland farmers and ranchers to vend at the market; securing the required components to accept nutrition assistance program benefits; and providing community-based programming at the market including nutrition education and food demonstrations. Riverdale, MD

Recipient: Future Harvest, Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture Increasing Supply and Demand for Locally and Sustainably Grown Food through Direct-to-Consumer Education, Training, and Awareness Building for Maryland and Delmarva Farmers and Consumers Award Amount: $100,000.00 Build new market opportunities for farm and ranch operations serving local markets by developing and implementing outreach, training, and networking opportunities and increase domestic consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products by creating a multi-media consumer outreach campaign. Cockeysville, MD

(MA) Recipient: Lower Cape Cod Community Development Corporation Farmers’ Market Development Program Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase vendor sales and overall traffic at participating farmers’ markets through the development and implementation of a new Farmers’ Market Development Program that will train the vendors on business principles, risk management, marketing, new product development, and other elements of a successful year-round business. EASTHAM, MA

Recipient: Sustainable CAPE-Center for Agricultural Preservation & Education Local Connections: Cape Families + Farmers’ Markets Award Amount: $99,912.00 Increase local residents’, including low-income families, access to and awareness of locally produced agricultural products and local farmer sales at the Outer Cape Farmers’ Markets by introducing and familiarizing elementary school children and their families, residents of local housing developments, and library patrons with local farmers, the food they produce, and farmers’ markets; creating a coalition of at least three farmers’ markets on the Outer Cape portion of Barnstable County to collaborate on marketing, strengthen education, foster understanding of existing nutrition incentives, train managers and interested farmers/producers in accepting nutrition incentives, and implement promising management practices; and developing and disseminating marketing materials (direct mail, rack cards and/or posters) to collectively advertise the Outer Cape markets and educate about nutrition incentive programs. Truro, MA

Recipient: The Trustees of Reservations Connecting Consumers and Farmers to New Markets in Boston Award Amount: $99,777.98 Increase access to and consumption of fresh, local food for low-income Boston residents and connect New England farmers and producers with new markets and help strengthen their businesses by launching the first all-local mobile market in Boston, increasing opportunities for low-income Boston residents to purchase fresh, local food in their own neighborhoods; providing additional market opportunities for New England farmers and producers that are not already vendors at the Boston Public Market, including seasonal farmers’ markets, day stalls, and product demonstration opportunities linked to the Boston Public Market; and providing New England farmers and producers with business development education such as speaker series and scholarship opportunities. Beverly, MA

Recipient: Third Sector New England, Inc. Farm to Mason Square Fresh Food Initiative Award Amount: $99,902.00 Partner with Gardening the Community to increase the consumption of and access to locally produced fruits and vegetables for low and moderate income residents of the Mason Square community in Springfield, Massachusetts and improve market and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) sales for local producers by conducting a market analysis that includes surveying existing and potential market customers and then designing and implementing an innovative, bilingual, culturally targeted marketing campaign; facilitating innovative market-based education efforts such as cooking demonstrations focused on cooking with fresh ingredients and storing and preserving the harvest; providing training for market staff on proper food handling, storage, and preservation tactics. Boston, MA

(MI) Recipient: Bath Charter Township Successful Vendors Make a Successful Market Award Amount: $58,534.28 Increase consumer attendance and sales at the Bath Farmers Market by conducting events that feature and use locally sourced food and implementing a marketing campaign in targeted populations while increasing market vendors’ capabilities through a series of workshops in social media marketing, direct mail and print advertising, video marketing, branding, and mobile websites. Bath, MI

Recipient: City of Allegan Allegan Farmers Market Promotion Program for Low-Income Customers Award Amount: $31,293.79 Increase community access to fresh, local foods by expanding services and products at the Allegan Farmers Market while encouraging market participation through a promotional campaign that highlights the expanded services and products through regional media outlets. Allegan, MI

Recipient: City of Kentwood Establishment and Promotion of the Kentwood Farmers Market Award Amount: $43,142.00 Increase access to locally produced agricultural products by establishing the Kentwood Farmers Market to be a venue for farmers and vendors to sell and market their products, recruiting local farmers and vendors to participate in the farmers’ market, promoting the farmers’ market to the public, and developing a partnership with the Kent District Library to offer educational opportunities for vendors and consumers. Kentwood, MI

Recipient: City of Marquette Downtown Development Authority Downtown Marquette Farmers Market Promotion and Enhancement Project Award Amount: $71,290.00 Increase customer attendance, produce sales, product offerings, and farmer participation at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market by promoting the market using television, radio, print media advertising, and social media; providing supplies for vendors and customers to be outside during inclement weather; providing food demonstrations of locally sourced food; and providing training to farmers in social media usage to help increase customers’ awareness, on a consistent basis, of the farmer’s products. Marquette, MI

Recipient: City of Muskegon Muskegon Farmers Market – Marketing Award Amount: $75,000.00 Increase resident awareness of locally sourced produce at the Muskegon Farmers Market by expanding a children’s educational program, Power of Produce Club; facilitating a winter farmers market; and implementing a marketing campaign that utilizes farm tours and provides technical assistance for farmers that plan to implement their own farm tours. Muskegon, MI

Recipient: City of Muskegon Heights Muskegon Heights Farmer’s Market Award Amount: $35,000.00 Improve the accessibility to fresh produce, support nutritional education, and bridge the gap between food producers and consumers, especially low-income consumers, by conducting an advertising campaign, hosting healthy cooking demonstrations, and recruiting produce vendors and food truck operators to the Muskegon Heights City Market. Muskegon Heights, MI

Recipient: Friends of Lincoln Park Farmers Market Enhancing Community through Access to Local Food in Lincoln Park Award Amount: $49,198.52 Increase access to local food and fresh produce at the Friends of Lincoln Park Farmers Market and increase the number of vendors and vendor sales by implementing a multi-media marketing campaign that includes online, newspaper, mailer, and billboard advertisements. Lincoln Park, MI

Recipient: Pittsfield Charter Township Pittsfield Township Demo, Ride, Incentivize, Vary, and Eat (DRIVE) Program. Award Amount: $25,000.00 Increase attendance, produce sales, and nutrition assistance program usage at the Pittsfield Township Farmers Market by implementing a producer-to-consumer educational campaign (Demo, Ride, Incentivize, Vary and Eat (DRIVE)) that uses cooking demonstrations, providing enjoyable training sessions for people of all ages, and providing nutritional information for items prepared through the demonstrations. Ann Arbor, MI

(MN) Recipient: Lake City Thursday Market Lake City Farm Market EBT & Community Outreach Award Amount: $63,548.00 Improve attendance at the farmers’ market, secure increased sales for local farmers, and foster better health due to increased access to fresh local foods for community and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients by conducting a marketing campaign that develops a logo, market brand, and website; utilizes television, radio, print, and electronic media; and participate in local promotional events. Lake City, MN

Recipient: Minnesota Food Association, Inc. Big River Farms: Building Direct-to-Consumer Market Opportunities for Historically Underserved, Beginning Farmers Award Amount: $99,320.00 Expand underserved community access to local, organic produce and increase producer knowledge of and participation in Community Supported Agriculture by implementing a farmer-in-training education program for historically underserved, beginning farmers that focuses on direct-to-consumer delivery routes and selling at farmers’ markets in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Marine on St. Croix, MN

Recipient: Town Square Farmers Market My Street Market Mobile Food and Education Trolley (“Molly”) Award Amount: $100,000.00 Improve local food access and expand and develop new domestic agriculture market opportunities for local farm and ranch operations to provide domestic agriculture outreach and agritourism by developing and promoting a mobile market trolley; hiring a local foods access coordinator to expand and develop market opportunities and outreach to elderly, low-income, disabled, new Americans, youth and Native Americans; and providing educational programs focusing on the benefits of fresh food consumption, supporting local growers, and safe food handling. East Grand Forks, MN

(MS) Recipient: City of Clinton Fresh at Five Community Outreach Expansion 2016-17 Award Amount: $35,867.00 Increase overall visibility and awareness of Clinton’s “Fresh at Five” Farmers’ Market to low-income/low-access neighborhoods in west Jackson, Mississippi and north central Hinds County by conducting a targeted promotional campaign that includes local print, radio and social media. Clinton, MS

Recipient: Mississippi State University Expansion of Philadelphia’s Fresh Market @ The Depot Award Amount: $76,210.00 Increase in the number of vendors operating with improved expertise in row crop production of spring and fall vegetables and increase consumer satisfaction and domestic consumption of and access to local agricultural products due to a wider variety of marketable fruits and vegetables with increased visibility and promotion of Philadelphia’s Fresh Market at the Depot in downtown Philadelphia, Mississippi by conducting an advertising campaign that includes radio, newspaper, and social media; recruiting new vendors for the market; and providing training for farm vendors. Mississippi State, MS

Recipient: My Brother’s Keeper, Incorporated Jump Start Jackson Farmers Market 2.0 Project: A Growers Capacity Building-Education and Farmers Market Promotion Program Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase growers’ and other food producers’ capacity to effectively participate in direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities by providing farm infrastructure trainings (e.g., GHP/GAP Certification), direct market education and processes, and technical assistance workshops and increase the access to and availability of farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and other direct producer-to-consumer markets in low access/low income, minority communities by expanding and promoting the Jump Start Jackson Farmers Market through a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes culturally-appropriate public service announcements aired on the local radio and television stations, billboards, and other educational material. Ridgeland, MS

(MO) Missouri Recipient: Hickory County Farmers Market Marketing Promotion of Hickory County Farmers Market Award Amount: $66,663.01 Enhance consumer awareness of locally grown produce and how to prepare it, which will increase its demand, by conducting a promotion campaign that includes website develop and advertisements in local newspapers and billboards and facilitating cooking demonstrations at learning stations during the market season. Hermitage, MO

Recipient: HOSCO SHIFT, Inc. Coop City Market Basket Delivery Program Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase in the number of the 5th, 18th, 19th, and 22nd Wards in Saint Louis, Missouri residents buying local produce by accessing the supplies necessary to store and deliver locally grown produce, connecting with local producers to distribute food, and training residents receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) through workforce assistance in production. Saint Louis, MO

Recipient: Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop Fort Leonard Wood’s Farmers’ Market: Expansion Through Innovative Training and Outreach Award Amount: $81,194.55 Expand access to local, fresh, and healthy foods by implementing a mobile market that will accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits; training disabled Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop employees to staff the market and farm stand; providing social interaction and outdoor work at the market and farm stand to increase disabled employee awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy foods; and engaging and educating the local community through outreach on the availability and health benefits of local foods. Richland, MO

Recipient: Randolph County Caring Community, Inc. Depot Park Farmers Market Award Amount: $85,226.00 Increase in vendor and consumer outreach and knowledge of the activities and benefits of the Depot Park Farmers Market and increase the diversity of food options, including produce, at the market by engaging more vendors and attracting a diverse consumer base; developing sustainability strategies to strengthen infrastructure systems and daily operating practices of the market; and engaging in continuous data collection, quality improvement, and evaluative practices, through strong outreach, education, collaboration, retention, and community engagement. Moberly, MO

Recipient: Taney County Health Department Growing the Grower Award Amount: $96,694.00 Strengthen the local food system in the Missouri counties of Stone and Taney by conducting six networking and education events for local growers and ranchers annually and promoting professional development training and educational scholarships available for local farmers and ranchers. Forsyth, MO

Recipient: The Webb City Farmers Market, Inc. Growing the Webb City Farmers Market into a Sustainable Future Award Amount: $97,056.04 Generate more income for farmers by increasing sales, specifically on Tuesdays and during the Winter Market, and enable farmers to process excess produce for later sale through the Webb City Farmers Market by designing and distributing Winter Market brochure; hosting special events such as cooking demonstrations; ensuring the necessary supplies and equipment are available for vendors to appropriately store their products; and facilitating a Tuesday Market and Winter Market. Webb City, MO

Recipient: University of Missouri Farmers’ Market Promotion Program. Award Amount: $97,014.00 Increase the number of farmers’ markets throughout Missouri and their sales of locally sourced agricultural products by demonstrating effective display and sampling techniques to market vendors through training opportunities; training market vendors to use forms of advertising they have not used in the past; and providing technical assistance and information to those individuals and groups wishing to start or restart a market in their area. Columbia, MO

(MT) Recipient: Alternative Energy Resource Marketing Montana: Connecting Producers to Consumers Online and Through Agritourism Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase the consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products in Montana by (1) enhancing the efficiency and comprehensiveness of managing, accessing, and updating the Abundant Montana Directory listings; (2) developing a variety of ways to report, share, access, and display Abundant listings; (3) developing a calendar system for public entry of events for farmers’ markets, on-farm or food-related events, farms hosting workdays, and on-farm sales by product; (4) developing a marketing campaign to appeal to producers and consumers; (5) researching national and statewide agritourism information and agritourism resource manuals from other states; (6) collaborating with partner organizations and agencies interested in promoting and developing agritourism in Montana; and (7) developing a producer agritourism resource manual to be shared online. Helena, MT

Recipient: Blackfeet Community College BCC People’s Market Award Amount: $90,000.00 Strengthen the consumption of local and regional produce and goods and increase the affordability of more fruits, vegetables, food items, and locally sourced goods through a direct producer-to-consumer market on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation by conducting a marketing campaign focused on recruiting vendors, farmers, and ranchers and increase resident awareness of the farmers’ market; making available the necessary supplies and equipment for vendors to participate in the market; and providing training for farm vendors to maximize their return on investment. Browning, MT

Recipient: Yellowstone City County Health Department Selling Harvests to Advance Nutrition, Grow Relationships, and Improve Lifestyle Activities (SHANGRI-LA) Award Amount: $87,297.00 Increase the consumption of healthy, locally grown agriculture products, offer an opportunity for producers to market directly to those in need of access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and enable customers to purchase regional foods by updating and expanding promotional materials targeting Southside residents, especially Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) beneficiaries; implementing an enhanced weekly market with diversified activities (e.g., cooking classes); expanding outreach to vendors; and working with area youth agencies that service disadvantaged children to develop appropriate educational and outreach activities at the market to promote locally sourced agricultural products. Billings, MT

(NE) Recipient: Nebraska Food Cooperative, Inc. The Nebraska Food Cooperative: Strategic Marketing and Capacity Enhancements Award Amount: $99,987.00 Develop a robust local food supply network operating across the state of Nebraska directly connecting farms with markets in an efficient infrastructure by expanding the marketing and outreach activities to include advertising in publications, social media, National Public Radio, and developing videos for distribution on the Internet; expanding the retail site support to add a fourth route for the mobile market in Nebraska’s north central area and opening more retail sites in the eastern and central regions; and streamlining the Nebraska Food Cooperative’s website interface ( to be mobile-friendly, optimize search engine functionality, meet industry standards, and provide additional payment options for consumers. Belgrade, NE

(NV) Recipient: On the Ranch, LLC Healthy Living Down on the Ranch Award Amount: $99,943.00 Increase the number of agricultural producers and vendors at the On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market by implementing a promotional and advertising campaign to recruit local and regional producers and customers and acquiring infrastructure that transports, stores, and preserves agricultural products for the market. NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV

(NH) Recipient: Nashua Regional Planning Commission Nashua Farmers Market Promotion Program Award Amount: $70,000.00 Increase the capacity of the Nashua Farmers Market to make it a more sustainable and profitable market for farm vendors and increase consumer knowledge of the market, reducing the need for future promotions, by recruiting new local producers, providing potential vendors with permitting assistance, conducting marketing to expand the customer base, and implementing a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) system to make fresh local foods accessible to low income populations; developing a multi-media suite of marketing materials including print, video and radio advertisements, and new market signage; and conducting market demand analyses to assess the feasibility of and establish preliminary plans for a winter farmers’ market and mobile market to operate in the Nashua area. Merrimack, NH

(NJ) Recipient: Cecil Creek Farms, LLC Expanding Marketing and Promotion of Organic and Sustainable Produce and Farm-Fresh Products in Southern New Jersey Award Amount: $59,600.00 Increase visibility and recognition of Cecil Creek Farm Market as the go-to source for local, organic, and sustainable produce and food products from a wide variety of Southern New Jersey and Tri-State area farms/producers by designing and implementing a marketing campaign that includes radio, billboard, and newspaper advertisements; conducting outreach to consumers/local residents through post cards and direct mail; and participating in local events in the surrounding area to promote vendor produce and agricultural products. Mickleton, NJ

Recipient: Ironbound Community Corporation Down Neck Farmers’ Market Initiative Award Amount: $99,980.00 Enhance local resident awareness of the benefit of consuming local, fresh foods and increase their consumption of them by establishing a vibrant farmers’ market in a low-income area of Newark, New Jersey; hosting direct producer-to-consumer events such as cooking demonstrations and food tastings of local agricultural products; and conducting an outreach campaign throughout the city to promote the farmers’ market including advertising through flyers, newspaper, radio, social media, and door-to-door. Newark, NJ

Recipient: Town of Dover Dover Farmers’ Market at JFK Park Award Amount: $35,685.00 Increase the consumption of and access to local and regionally produced agricultural products by developing and sustaining a new farmers’ market in Dover, New Jersey; implementing an advertising campaign to publicize the market; and providing educational opportunities to the public about products offered at the market. Dover, NJ

Recipient: Township of Union Union Township Farmers’ Market Initiative Award Amount: $61,360.00 Increase domestic consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products by developing and sustaining a farmers’ market in Union, New Jersey and implementing an educational promotional campaign that includes online, print materials, and hosting events at the market. Union, NJ

(NM) Recipient: Capacity Builders, Inc. Tse Daa K’aan Community Farmers Market Award Amount: $98,952.57 Enhance Navajo Nation residents’ access to locally sourced produce and increase local farmer sales and training opportunities by establishing the Tse Daa K’aan Community Farmers Market open Saturdays from April through October and providing ongoing trainings for local farmers and the market manager that will assist in building the skills necessary to take full advantage of this economic resource. Farmington, NM

Recipient: Santo Domingo Tribe Santo Domingo Farmers Market Promotion Project Award Amount: $99,421.85 Develop a successful marketing campaign of local produce and agricultural products at the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico by hiring a coordinator to determine the needs of the farmers and agriculture vendors of the farming community and best practices for a successful farmers’ market; identifying and establishing viable locations and a calendar for holding collaborative farmers’ market; and identifying and establishing internal and external resources, supports, and partnerships to invest as stakeholders in a farmers’ market, farmers, and vendors for sustainability and growth. Santo Domingo, NM

(NY) Recipient: Added Value and Herban Solutions, Inc. Teens Expand Fresh Food Access in Red Hook, Brooklyn Award Amount: $63,813.71 Increase access to affordable, locally-grown, fresh organic food, particularly for public housing residents in Red Hook, Brooklyn by organizing a robust and successful market that supports multiple growers and local food vendors; implementing a youth leadership program in the community by having them help run the farm and markets, to build their public speaking, marketing, customer service, and urban farming skills; inviting local non-profits, arts organizations, youth groups, social services entities, and other community groups to the table, perform, or otherwise participate in the markets to create a stronger network in the community; and supporting healthy eating in neighborhood through fresh produce access, ongoing cooking demonstrations, food tastings, and recipe dissemination. Brooklyn, NY

Recipient: Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation Collaborative Promotions and Training for Central Brooklyn Farmers Markets Award Amount: $99,138.00 Reduce the barriers to and increase the consumption of farm fresh foods in Central Brooklyn by coordinating and evaluating collaborative efforts to strengthen the operations, demand and sales at five Central Brooklyn farmers’ markets, and attract and/or train hyper-local and regional socially disadvantaged farmers to serve the primarily Black and Latino, low-income, low access urban area. Brooklyn, NY

Recipient: Carey Institute for Global Good The Helderberg Brewshed Award Amount: $99,820.00 Collaborate with the Cornell Cooperative Extension to develop market opportunities for New York State farmers, particularly those in the Mohawk-Hudson Region, and increase domestic consumption of New York State-produced agricultural products by analyzing existing survey data regarding the amount of barley and other small grains presently in production in New York State; providing training workshops meant to improve farmers’ technical capacity to raise small grains; administering a supplemental survey in the Hudson-Mohawk Region to collect and analyze data regarding demand for small grains, and brewers’ and supply procurement practices and the nature of value-added producers direct procurement relationships with agricultural producers; and providing training workshops, and developing and disseminating best practices educational materials to improve farmers’ direct-to-consumer marketing skills. Rensselaerville, NY

Recipient: County Extension Association in the State of New York From the Ground Up: Expanding Niagara Falls Markets Award Amount: $70,614.39 Increase the overall market sales, individual vendor sales, and consumer participation by training local farmers on vending practices, business operations, and provision of culturally relevant products; educating community members (market customers, new customers, and connections from area organizations who are not customers) on the value of local food, seasonality, nutrition, and how to preserve produce; promoting the markets of Niagara Falls increasing sales for vendors and the consumption of produce by residents, especially low income populations; and establishing a base of information about the current demands from the community for produce. Lockport, NY

Recipient: County of Sullivan Sullivan Fresh Initiative Award Amount: $96,595.66 Increase awareness of agriculture in Sullivan County, New York, which will augment the sales of agricultural products at the county’s seven farmers’ markets, by creating and implementing a County-wide marketing, coordination, and promotional plan; developing and distributing educational materials for the public via news releases and radio interviews; conducting workshops and cooking demonstrations to help consumers understand how to prepare food sold at the markets; and training staff to process and promote consumer use of nutrition assistance program benefits at the markets. Monticello, NY

Recipient: County of Tompkins Increasing Farm Sales through Agritourism Development in Tompkins County Award Amount: $49,390.00 Offer a whole farm and food experience for visitors that links producers, chefs, and consumers in a fully formed experience as they travel to Tompkins County, New York and in the process increases direct sales for farmers and food producers by evaluating farm establishments to assess their agritourism readiness and support them in becoming more visitor ready; training farm businesses to improve their capacity to host visitors; building agritourism packages including a new farm trail, a new open farm weekend, and other packaging opportunities; and promoting opportunities via an agri-culinary tourism website (Ithaca Fork) and associated marketing and adverting investments. Ithaca, NY

Recipient: GardenShare, Inc. SNAP Up Farm Fresh Produce Award Amount: $57,500.00 Increase local farmer sales and increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients’ access of locally grown agriculture by recruiting and training volunteers to promote SNAP at the farmers’ markets, publishing and distributing an annual local food guide that promotes farmers’ markets to all audiences, and conducting other farmers’ market promotion activities, including media stories, interviews, and social media advertising. Canton, NY

Recipient: Groundwork Hudson Valley Marketing and Promoting the Get Fresh Yonkers Market and Citizen Coop Award Amount: $76,105.00 Increase the consumption of locally sourced food and increase the number of farmers vending at the market providing a greater diversity of products by conducting a marketing campaign for the Get Fresh Market and Citizen Coop program in Southwest Yonkers, New York that incorporates print and electronic promotional materials and hosting cooking demonstrations at the market. Yonkers, NY

Recipient: International Rescue Committee, Inc. Garden to Consumer: Pop-up Farm Stand Project (IRC Phoenix FMPP) Award Amount: $100,000.00 Create three thriving, community-run farm stands that increase the availability of local produce to underserved populations in Phoenix, Arizona and create new direct sales market access for aspiring and established growers in and around Phoenix by providing infrastructure to support pop-up farm stands including tents, tables, scales, cash registers and wireless access points; providing training, onsite mentorship, and technical support in direct sales for small and aspiring producers; establishing merchant Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) accounts to enable the use of SNAP and other food benefits at these markets; and working in cooperation with existing organizations to design and develop each venue. New York, NY

Recipient: Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project, LDC Fresh Food Access and Education through Local Leadership with Public Housing Community Residents in Brooklyn, New York Award Amount: $55,000.00 Partner with Corbin Hill Food Project to improve access to fresh, affordable food in Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York by recruiting and training volunteers to help manage distribution operations and assist in outreach; creating and coordinating an advertising campaign for the Fresh Food Box program; and conducting cooking demonstrations. Brooklyn, NY

Recipient: South Bronx Farmers Market, Inc. South Bronx Farmers Market Marketing and Outreach. Award Amount: $40,717.13 Increase farmer and producer participation in and the sales of locally produced agricultural products, including through the use of Federal nutrition assistance program benefits, at the South Bronx Farmers Market by conducting a direct outreach programs to apartments in four New York City Housing Authority housing developments; recruiting local urban farmers to sell at the market; creating a promotional market video with local youth to produce and post on our website, social media, YouTube and to share with interested individuals; promoting and expanding a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for low-income groups. Bronx, NY

(NC) Recipient: Albemarle Commission Edenton Farmers Market Award Amount: $95,480.00 Increase awareness of the Edenton Farmers’ Market and use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at the market by conducting a promotional campaign that highlights the market’s new location focusing on underserved and low-income populations and facilitating market events such as cooking demonstrations and samplings of locally sourced agricultural products. Hertford, NC

Recipient: Foothills Farmers Market, Inc. Increasing Direct Sales and Enhancing Food Access in Rural Cleveland County, NC Award Amount: $99,904.00 Improve access to local foods in low income/low access segments of Cleveland County, North Carolina and encourage Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients to participate in the local farmers’ markets by implementing a marketing and outreach campaign for SNAP eligible customers, expanding the use of the Power of Produce children’s agricultural program, hosting farm-to-fork events including a food film series, and customizing a trailer to be used as a mobile market. Shelby, NC

Recipient: Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services The Mobile Oasis Farmers Market Project Award Amount: $100,000.00 Improves access to locally-grown produce for low-income residents across the Guilford County, North Carolina food deserts by upgrading a trailer to be used as a mobile market; operating the mobile market throughout the county; implementing an advertising campaign to highlight the mobile market through radio, billboards, as well as bus advertisements and signage; and engaging with local producers to actively participate in the market. Greeensboro, NC

Recipient: Peletah Ministries Farmers’ Market Ambassador Outreach and Marketing Program Award Amount: $94,240.00 Increase the number of consumers utilizing the Joseph Community Farmers’ Market and its services including the usage off Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) vouchers by implementing a marketing campaign that engages local agencies and the community directly, implementing an ambassador outreach program, hosting market events, and developing a best practices customer services market manual for vendors at the market. New Bern, NC

(OH) Recipient: Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market – A Community Market Award Amount: $20,409.04 Increase access and consumption of fresh regionally produced fruits and vegetables in Geauga County, Ohio by adding and promoting the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at the Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market; conducting an outreach campaign to a target audience of higher income, food oriented customers and transport consumers to local farms where they will learn and see how their food is grown, harvested and packaged; and facilitating educational opportunities at the market that focus on farm volume, diversity, and safety of their produce and encouraging professional membership for farm vendors. Willoughby, OH

Recipient: Howland Township, Ohio Howland Farmers Market Comprehensive Development Strategy Award Amount: $88,985.00 Enhance the long-term viability of the Howland Farmers Market in order to meet the economic goals of its vendors, the health needs of the community, and the sustainability of agricultural lands by conducting a targeted promotional campaign to introduce more of the community to the market and encourage current customers to visit more often; providing professional development training to market vendors and staff in an effort to enhance the quality of the market; extending the farmers’ market to year-round to promote market growth; and hiring new employee to implement the grant and take the market to the next level. Warren, OH

Recipient: Local Bounty Coshocton, Inc. Local Bounty Coshocton: Expanding local food opportunities for consumers and producers in rural Ohio Award Amount: $100,000.00 Catalyze growth of Local Bounty Coshocton, a year-round farmers’ market, including doubling producers and consumers, increasing client expenditures, and earning customer loyalty by expanding market operation times; recruiting new vendors to meet consumer demand; and conducting a marketing campaign through electronic media, collaborations, and educational programs. Coshocton, OH

Recipient: Logan County Farmers Market Grow Logan County: sustainable solutions to local food systems in the Heartland Award Amount: $99,207.00 Strengthen the Logan County Farmers Market and the farm vendors that participate in it by creating beneficial working relationships between new and established growers, and launching an educational campaign to strengthen the health of our community and the viability of small farming businesses. Zanesfield, OH

Recipient: The Ohio State University Helping Ohio Farmers Markets Go Virtual and Enhance Online Marketing Award Amount: $99,284.16 Provide a new outlet for local farmers and value-added food producers to increase sales to local consumers (both individual and institutional) providing them greater volume and profitability by creating and expanding online marketing options for farmers’ markets and their vendors to offer consumers more awareness and opportunities to purchase locally grown and produced foods and agricultural products. Columbus, OH

Recipient: Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank, Inc. Mobile Market in NW Ohio Rural Counties Award Amount: $90,364.00 Provide information, skills, motivation and access to locally grown fruits and vegetables by implementing a mobile market that provides individuals with healthy guidelines, develops and distributes recipes to use fresh produce, and accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Toledo, OH

(OK) Recipient: Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City Expanding Local Food Impact in Oklahoma City Award Amount: $99,456.00 Increase domestic access to and purchase of locally produced agricultural products by designing and implementing a consistent local marketing plan for the Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Farmers Market utilizing print and visual media, which includes direct marketing targeting specific demographic bases in addition to broader messaging to the general public, as well as the use of social media; expanding the market’s community outreach efforts through promotions at community events and programs to increase public awareness; and providing nutrition education to customers, offering memorable sampling experiences to educate and introduce customers to new products. Oklahoma City, OK

Recipient: Town of Marble City Marble City Farmers Market Award Amount: $61,219.00 Provide an outlet for Oklahoma farmers to sell their agricultural products and increase domestic consumption of fresh produce by developing and promoting the Marble City Farmers Market, which will be equipped to accept Federal nutrition assistance program benefits, and providing training and technical assistance for the market’s vendors concerning handling food and health awareness. Marble City, OK

(OR) Recipient: Clatskanie Farmers’ Market, Inc. Clatskanie Farmers’ Market Outreach Project Award Amount: $90,167.78 Broaden consumer base of the Clatskanie Farmers’ Market, raise the community’s food literacy awareness, and increase the number of market consumers that use nutrition assistance program benefits by developing food literacy curriculum for use by nutrition assistance program agencies and other interested parties; conducting outreach to local produce vendors in order to increase their participation in the market; and collecting and analyzing data to monitor the efficacy of the market and its outreach efforts. Clatskanie, OR

Recipient: Deck Family Farm Full Diet Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Award Amount: $100,000.00 Enhance the accessibility to high quality, organic, locally produced food to people living in Oregon’s Willamette Valley by offering cold storage for the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers; conducting an advertising campaign that incorporates posters, CSA box inserts, and flyers; and improving operational efficiency of the current CSA distribution model. Junction City, OR

Recipient: Lane County Farmers Market Increasing Sales of Locally Grown Foods and Agricultural Products at Lane County Farmers Market Award Amount: $98,616.00 Increase domestic consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products at the Lane County Farmers Market in Oregon by conducting strategic advertising that encourages new community member patronage of the market via radio, print, Internet, and social media; providing consumer education and market access services through Friends of the Farmer Market; and promoting the market through partnerships with agencies working with low-income populations. Eugene, OR

(PA) Recipient: City of Reading Penn Street Farmers’ Market Expansion Project Award Amount: $48,084.60 Increase access to locally/regionally produced agricultural products at Penn Street Market in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania by creating a staff position to coordinate the expansion of the Penn Street Farmers’ Market and implementing a food system curriculum for high school students to participate in the market as ambassadors. Reading, PA

Recipient: Everett Farmers’ Market Association Everett Farmers’ Market Promotional Project for Everett, Pennsylvania Award Amount: $15,770.00 Increase domestic consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products by conducting an advertising campaign to inform the public of Everett Farmers Market time and location; formally organizing the market’s association as a 501(c) non-profit; providing food safety education to producers of Bedford County and surrounding areas; providing consumer nutrition education and vegetable usage guides for attendees; and obtaining a merchant account to accept nutrition assistance programs. Bedford, PA

Recipient: Fayette County Community Action Agency, Inc. Mobile Farmers Market for Southwestern Pennsylvania region’s need for using fresh, locally sourced foods. Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase regional consumption of locally produced products in Fayette County, Pennsylvania and help local farmers expand opportunities for resale of fruit and vegetables produce by promoting and expanding farmers’ markets to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program throughout Fayette County; promoting the use of fresh fruits and vegetables, valueadded local produce, and food products by businesses, institutions, and residents of food deserts; and working with nutrition education providers and health and service delivery organizations to expand education to low-income residents regarding the purchase/preparation of healthy foods. Uniontown, PA

Recipient: Nurture Nature Center Promotion of Direct Producer-to-Consumer Markets in the Lehigh Valley Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase consumption of locally grown agricultural products by promoting Lehigh Valley farmers’ markets, roadside stands, community-supported agriculture programs, Farm Share programs, agritourism activities, and other methods of producer-to consumer direct marketing, including those in underserved communities aimed at increasing access to fresh foods.

Recipient: Urban Tree Connection Community Farmers Market Program Award Amount: $99,999.69 Increase consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by expanding and strengthening the operations of the existing Neighborhood Foods Community Market and establishing new functioning markets at the First African Presbyterian and Ward AME Churches; offering training and technical assistance to community members; providing equipment to help the markets operate effectively; developing a handbook to assist in the ongoing operation of local community farmers markets; running regular “pop-up” demonstration markets at one additional location, with the goal of laying the groundwork for another future community market; and recruiting a range of local and regional farms and food producers to sell their wares at these markets, giving them new outlets for distributing their products directly to consumers. Philadelphia, PA

(PR) Recipient: Autonomous Municipality of Caguas Caguas-Puerto Rico Farmers Market Promotion Program Award Amount: $94,045.00 Increase consumption to domestic grown products and meet the food needs of low-income individuals in the Caguas Region by designing and implementing an educational awareness campaign to consume locally grown products, a training program to strengthen the capabilities of grassroots produce/food producer associations, and a formal technical assistance and training program for local farmers that focuses on how to run a viable business, develop business plans, analyze markets, improve systems and infrastructure so they can grow their businesses. Caguas, PR

(RI) Recipient: Hope & Main Schoolyard Market for 2016-2017 Award Amount: $85,010.00 Educate the community about the local food chain and make the food chain more accessible to consumers by establishing vital staffing and infrastructure for the Schoolyard Market and promoting the market, purchase tents, and to produce signage and other promotional materials. Warren, RI

(SC) Recipient: City of Chester Chester Farmers and Artisans Market Fresh2You Award Amount: $35,767.00 Improve access to farmers’ market produce for members of the community who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and/or Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) benefits and enhance the conditions for developing an inclusive group of local consumers at the Chester Farmers Market by developing and implementing a marketing plan for targeted outreach low-income, low-access members of the Chester County, South Carolina community and leasing and operating a vehicle equipped with SNAP equipment, trained personnel, and promotional logos. Chester, SC

Recipient: City of Hartsville Hartsville Farmers’ Market Enhancement and Expansion Award Amount: $51,041.00 Build relationships between farmers and consumers in the City of Hartsville, South Carolina and provide a common ground for residents to meet and interact by initiating a comprehensive marketing campaign for the Hartsville Farmers’ Market to recruit vendors and expand its customer-base, which will include text messaging, e-flyers, print advertisements, billboard advertising, radio advertising, new signage and new banners; coordinating with local restaurants and healthcare providers and nutritionists to develop a culinary curriculum and demonstration series featuring locally grown seasonal produce; working with the relevant agencies and individuals to expand the market; and implementing a transaction system to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Hartsville, SC

Recipient: Sustainable Midlands Bridging the Gap: Consumers and Farmers Award Amount: $28,926.00 Increase the customer awareness of the South Carolinian midlands food-producing farmers and the amount of money that they spend on direct farm purchases by providing educational opportunities for the public about the current Midlands Local Food System; connecting farmers with training for continued agritourism, which will increase access to and participation in local farm tour programs; and building a network of food producing farmers and supporters in the regional area. Columbia, SC

Recipient: Town of Allendale Open Air Allendale Award Amount: $66,952.69 Operate a robust marketplace that is profitable for local farmers and increase local consumption of local and regionally produced fruits and vegetables by implementing a transaction system to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits; developing a comprehensive training program for farm producers, including marketing certification, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training, and Market Manager Certification; conducting an advertising campaign; and acquiring and using a mobile market trailer. Allendale, SC

Recipient: Williamsburg County Williamsburg County Farmers Market, Agritourism, and Agribusiness Project Award Amount: $99,959.00 Increase the consumption of farm fresh produce in Williamsburg County, South Carolina by providing a direct opportunity for farmers and farm cooperatives to expand their sales to the community through formalizing a mobile farmers’ market; promoting the market; developing a brochure identifying existing Agritourism sites in Williamsburg County; and developing an Agribusiness network to expand and enhance local and regional food distribution and generally to promote food industry growth. Kingstree, SC

(TN) Recipient: Donna K. Riddle DBA Seven Springs Farm to Table LLC Cultivating Local Agriculture: A Project to Expand Access to Locally Produced Products Award Amount: $73,975.00 Increase the direct producer-to-consumer marketing opportunities for local farmers in Union County and surrounding east Tennessee counties by marketing the on-farm retail facility; obtaining special purpose equipment to enable longer term storage and shelf life extension of locally produced farm products; expanding the market’s hours and season into the fall and winter, developing a weekly evening market, utilizing local talent to provide entertainment, canning and cooking demonstrations; developing an online presence for the market through social media; and developing key marketing messages, eye catching graphics, public relations, collateral materials, partnerships, and advertising. Maynardville, TN

Recipient: Rhodes College Overton Park Community Farmers Market Promotion Program Award Amount: $99,934.00 Increase local food consumption among households in low-income Memphis, Tennessee communities by conducting an advertising campaign that includes billboard advertisements, signage, flyers, and postcards; expanding the distribution of a local Community Support Agriculture (CSA) group; and providing an opportunity to train and offer technical support for neighborhood farmers. Memphis, TN

Recipient: The University of Tennessee Union County Farmers Market Award Amount: $86,301.00 Increase local farm vendor sales and consumer attendance at the Union County Farmers Market by developing a paid parttime market manager and obtaining infrastructure to handle the market’s administrative, marketing, and recruiting efforts; obtaining 501(C)(3) non-profit organization status; implementing educational sessions for new and existing vendors during winter months, that will cover Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and other topics; and implementing an educational marketing campaign for consumers. Knoxville, TN

(TX) Recipient: City of El Paso Downtown Artist & Farmers Market Marketing & Expansion Project Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase farm vendor sales and consumer attendance at the El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market by creating and distributing new marketing materials including rack cards, new vendor brochures, posters, and tote bags; implementing a marketing campaign that includes advertising via billboards, newspapers and print, radio, and social media; facilitating events to increase sales at the market including cooking demonstrations and a farm-to-work week; and providing the necessary marketing and booth supplies for growers and staff. El Paso, TX

Recipient: Excelsior Cooperative Group, LLC Alamo Ranch Farmers Market Award Amount: $97,761.88 Provide local farmers a venue to sell their goods direct to consumers by creating a financially self-sufficient farmers’ market on the northwest side of Bexar County, Texas; recruiting market vendors and creating marketing profiles; establishing a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) acceptance program and training vendors on the program; and promoting attendance at the market. SAN ANTONIO, TX

Recipient: Grace Heritage Ranch, LLC Grace Heritage Ranch, LLC Outreach Training for 2015 FMPP Award Amount: $99,955.00 Connect consumers with local growers to increase consumer awareness and consumption of locally produced agricultural products and vendor knowledge of direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities by implementing an advertising campaign in three markets that includes radio, television, print, and social media and offering training, networking, and mentorship for market vendors. Lyford, TX

Recipient: Plant It Forward Plant It Forward Farm Stand Program Award Amount: $86,915.00 Increase the annual sales of local farmers in Houston, Texas and grow a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program by implementing the Plant It Forward, which trains and mentors beginning refugee farmers to operate small urban farms, and promoting new farm stands in Houston’s neighborhoods. Bellaire, TX

Recipient: Recipe For Success Foundation Hope Farms Rolling Green Markets and Direct Marketing Training for Hope Farmers Award Amount: $100,000.00 Alleviate health risks of food desert residents while expanding the distribution and marketing capability of urban farmers by establishing and supporting both a stationary and mobile market to deliver affordable produce throughout Houston, Texas; conducting a marketing campaign for the Rolling Green Market that includes billboards, posters, flyers, and door hangers; training, mentoring, and providing technical support for U.S. Veterans to become farm entrepreneurs; teaching cooking skills to families; and educating farmers about direct producer-to-consumer marketing and support cooperative members with distribution resources. Houston, TX

Recipient: Texas Farmers’ Market Texas Farmers’ Market Promotion Expansion Award Amount: $100,000.00 Increase awareness and consumption of locally grown agricultural products among Central Texans by promoting three local farmers’ markets through radio, television, print, and social media and augment the markets’ abilities to accept Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Austin, TX

Recipient: Trinity University The Trinity Market: A University Enriched Farmer, Ranchers, and Healthy Lifestyles Market Award Amount: $99,932.00 Increase domestic consumption and access to locally and regionally grown agricultural products in San Antonio, Texas by establishing a new, Trinity University-based, wellness-emphasized farmers’ market with ability to accept Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, developing advertising, promotion, and outreach for the market, creating an integrated market with curricular involvement and student internships that develop the market and vendor marketing programs, assist in vendor business development, and educate students about farming and food issues; and collecting and disseminating best practices of university farmers’ markets. San Antonio, TX

Recipient: Waco-McLennan County Public Health District Community Efforts to Increase Awareness and Consumption of Locally Grown Fresh Foods Award Amount: $99,984.62 Increase the consumption of locally grown foods and improve vendor sales at the Downtown Farmers Market (WDFM) in Waco, Texas by conducting a promotional campaign that uses newspaper, radio, billboard, and other forms of advertising to draw more customers to the WDFM and the mobile market, Veggie Van. Waco, TX

(UT) Recipient: Salt Lake City Corporation Food Oases’ Role to Advance and Generate Economies Award Amount: $54,421.00 Partner with the Green Urban Lunch Box and Utahns Against Hunger to expand direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities and increase consumption of and access to locally produced agricultural products by low-income, minority, and refugee individuals by creating eight new point-of-sale food oases via a mobile market and farm stands strategically located to function as food oases in an urban food desert; equipping the food oases to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits; conducting a bilingual marketing and promotional campaign using hard-copy, electronic, and texting messaging strategies; and leveraging local and state-wide networks to disseminate project results through electronic publishing and distribution of a Food Oases’ Role to Advance and Generate Economies (FORAGE) Tool Kit. Salt Lake City, UT

Recipient: Utah State University Fostering Utah Community-Supported Agriculture Opportunities Award Amount: $46,651.00 Increase in the number of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs operating in Utah by offering training and technical assistance for consumers, county Extension agents and growers interested in, developing, operating, and expanding CSA programs. Logan, UT

(VT) Recipient: Randolph Farmer’s Market, Inc. Increase Vendor and Customer Participation at Randolph Farmers Market Award Amount: $68,895.00 Increase farmer and customer participation at the Randolph Farmers Market to increase farmer sales, by expanding advertising to a broader area through newspapers and social media; providing cooking demonstrations for consumers using market products; and offering an educational activity tent for youth to work on projects that directly relate to farming and nutrition. Randolph, VT

(VA) Recipient: Appalachian Sustainable Development Increasing the Viability of Farmers Markets and Farmers in Appalachian VA and TN through Coordinated Marketing, Promotion and Analysis Award Amount: $99,643.39 Increase the visibility and viability of farmers’ markets and participating farmers in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia by designing and implementing a promotional campaign that incorporates monthly themes through social media, newspaper, television, and radio and facilitating a road show, that will highlight regional farmers via traveling throughout Appalachia. Abingdon, VA

Recipient: Grayson Landcare, Inc. The Independence Farmers Market Connector Project Award Amount: $82,414.00 Increase overall access to locally grown foods and in turn spur increased production of these same foods in Independence, Virginia by extending the operating hours of the market by adding evening hours; educating consumers on the preparation of fresh local ingredients via cooking demonstrations and hands-on food preservation and preparation classes; developing a sustainable connection between farmer and consumer via opening an online market year round, which will operate similar to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program; providing training and technical assistance to farmers that focuses on increasing local food production; and offering farm tours and other agritourism options to promote regional agricultural. Fries, VA

Recipient: The Conservation Fund Filling in the GAPs: Healthy food and farms in the Chesapeake Bay Award Amount: $95,826.68 Diversify the market-base for local food producers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, increase access to local, fresh and safe food products for Chesapeake region consumers, and area markets that certifiably can sell safe locally produced agricultural goods by coordinating on-farm Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification trainings; providing hands-on experience to help local foods producers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed prepare for GAP certification. Arlington, VA

(WA) Recipient: King County King County’s Healthy Incentives for Healthy Local Eating Award Amount: $99,900.00 Increase King County, Washington employee purchases of locally produced agricultural products from farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs by designing and implementing a promotional campaign to include broadcast spots and online magazine space and developing a mobile app/text that will incorporate the purchase of local produce into employees’ wellness programs. Seattle, WA

Recipient: Klondike Farmers Market Klondike Farmers Market Award Amount: $94,800.00 Provoke creative solutions to the barriers to food distribution and a sustainable regional food economy that expands domestic consumption and access to locally produced foods by developing the Klondike Farmers Market in Seattle, Washington in order to foster a collaboration between fifteen Latino owned farm enterprises and five local farmers and three local food businesses (that source directly from participant farmers) to found and establish a market; providing technical assistance, training, and peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities for participant farms and food businesses; embedding ongoing and cumulative metric development and tracking services that generate comparisons from year to year; and serving as a platform for local farm-to-table and food hub activities/organizing. Seattle, WA

Recipient: Pierce Conservation District Pierce County Farmers Markets Collaborative Promotion Program Award Amount: $99,294.16 Increase sales of locally sourced agricultural products and traffic at all of Pierce County, Washington’s farmers’ markets, with a focus on low income/low access consumers, by creating a strong foundation for a working collaborative among the County’s farmers’ markets; conducting food demonstrations at each farmers’ market; creating a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Advisory Committee made up of SNAP recipients; producing training/promotional videos for SNAP usage and farmer interviews; and implementing a marketing campaign that includes developing and distributing promotional materials for each market including roadside signs, banners, flyers, and posters. Puyallup, WA

Recipient: Port Susan Food & Farming Center Port Susan Farmers Market Expansion and Enhancement through Relocation Award Amount: $99,990.00 Expand the customer base and support the farms and vendors who bring their farm products to sell at Port Susan Farmers Market by relocating the market to a larger, more accessible area; conducting an advertising and promotion program that includes online and print advertising; incorporating educational activities that highlight locally sourced agriculture such as “Sprouting Healthy Kids” and cooking demonstrations; cultivating vendors through hands-on training and technical assistance; and investing in infrastructure such as on-site storage. STANWOOD, WA

Recipient: Siemen Family Farm, Inc. Siemen Family Farms Inc. is planning to develop and host six farm-to-table events at their MontLamm Event Center. Award Amount: $99,100.00 Increase demand for local agricultural products available in local stores and the associated sales at participating farms in Eastern Washington by providing the Commissary Kitchen with the appropriate supplies to accommodate agritourism events that incorporate Farm-to-Table topics; educating participants in food preparation; and developing a marketing plan for increasing the consumption of locally grown produce. Clayton, WA

(WI) Recipient: FairShare CSA Coalition, Inc. Expanding CSA Markets: Increasing Consumer Demand Through CSA Networks and Targeted Marketing Award Amount: $95,508.88 Increase the knowledge of regional market sales and potential for local agricultural products by designing, conducting, and analyzing a consumer market survey to gain understanding of barriers and opportunities associated with marketing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); evaluating information gathered from the survey and develop an outreach and marketing strategy based on these findings; and improving the effectiveness of CSA associations based on FairShare’s experience and through cross-network collaboration and resource sharing and disseminate resources, tools, and services.


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