The Gift of Food: What to Give to Those Who Have Lost

I absolutely love this reminder of gifts of food as a source of comfort to those grieving or healing. I remember well how my pals put together a schedule of healthy food after I had surgery a few years back, as well as food being dropped off by my friends and work colleagues when family members passed in the last few years, and how much those very special gifts from all of those busy people meant to me and to my family.

I wonder if markets could assist their customers (and make some income too) by stretching this idea with “winter cold” baskets, full of greens, carrots, garlic and chicken or a “welcome to summer” baskets with flowers, fruits and light foods or by printing cards with room for a note and a list of what is being dropped off for the basket?

Source: The Gift of Food: What to Give to Those Who Have Lost | Cooking Light


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