New Louisiana governor installs chicken coop at mansion

Edwards said he installed the coop to “get back to a sense of normalcy.”
“It’s extremely nice,” Edwards said of the new coop, which was built by professionals (paid for entirely out of the Governor’s pocket, according to WWLTV reporter Eric Paulsen) and matches the color scheme of the Governor’s Mansion. Upon returning home from a day’s work, he said, he makes sure to check in on his chickens. .

(Paulsen FB post): Governor John Bel Edwards said he wanted chickens at the Governors Mansion and he now has them. This is his chicken coop behind the Mansion. He has 16 chicks that he hopes will soon be supplying fresh eggs for his family and friends. I guess these are Louisiana’s “first chickens”.


Source: Gov. Edwards’ chicken coop sparks ‘firestorm’ on Facebook