Couple Spends Morning At Farmers Market Verbalizing Everything That Comes Into Field Of Vision

For those deep in grant writing purgatory, this short pice from the Onion should give you a good-natured and needed laugh. Thanks to Stacy Miller, owner of good phyte foods at the Charlottesville Farmers Market for alerting us to it.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—Strolling past vendors selling local produce, meats, baked goods, and more, married couple Reese and Beth Shaw spent their morning at the farmers market stating the names of all the things that entered their field of vision, witnesses confirmed Sunday. “Strawberry jam, spinach, some nice-looking asparagus,” said the pair, whose successful enunciation of the names of objects reportedly went on to include cilantro, Vidalia onions, eggs, three types of danishes, twine-wrapped lavender soaps, various dairy products, flowers, a large wooden bushel basket, fresh roasted coffee, and several artisanal varieties of balsamic vinegar. “Oooh, clover honey. More honey. Look—mushrooms!” The couple was later seen walking away from the farmers market, recalling aloud to one another all the various things that had passed through their field of vision just moments earlier.


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