Social Profit


This is a good primer on how non-profits can up their game by using qualitative assessment “rubrics” to figure out what they do well in terms that non-profits are better off using, rather than just ROI or other limited economic measures. 

Thanks to Erin Buckwalter of NOFA-VT for recommending it (and lending it)  to me.

I’m a big fan of the Whole Measures system that is covered in here and have used it for many years and so was pleased by it being included. I certainly recommend that all food system measurement systems review Whole Measures to see if it can be used by your organization.

As I have covered in other recent posts, I look forward to the day that more non-profits focus on creating leaders and devising better jobs as one of the main measures of success. This book will be helpful to many for thinking through these questions and I’ve already recommended it to two executive directors.



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