North Market, Columbus OH

This market is one of my favorites as, while it was being renovated, I was a poor community organizer in the 1980s in Columbus and I would walk from my office to the market to get healthy food and to soak in the lovely vibe. The renovated site also hosts an outdoor farmers market on Saturdays and sits within a revitalized area that encourages visits to this previously barren area. The value of being able to sit in a sunny, bustling place for a leisurely lunch and recharge one’s batteries is something market halls especially can offer their neighbors and they should be celebrated for that.

North Market


Vendor’s 360 degree view

Recently, I noticed that this vendor at the New Orleans Road Food Festival had thought through their entire setup-both from the front and from the back. It’s a great idea when vendors walk the space they use to see how people will view their setup from a less obvious vantage point.

Not only does this vendor have a 2-sided sign up, the entire group has t-shirts on that identify their site. AND, the whole thing looks pretty organized.
If a shopper happens to see mess, or can’t tell what what is being sold from whatever side they are on, they may just keep on walking…
and by the way, they had great gumbo. And had another great idea- they offered a 2-dollar “tasting size”!

Organic vs conventional info

Random pictures only a market manager might love…

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Good management thought

Beginners mind

Edible Selby via Tasting Table

Photographer Todd Selby helps the rest of us indulge in one of the most satisfying of all human pursuits: looking at other people’s stuff.
Now, in conjunction with his new column at T Magazine, the photographer has launched a sister website, Edible Selby, where he focuses his lens on chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and taco-shack operators, chronicling them celebrity-style with close-ups in their work or home kitchens.

Tasting Table

Photos from winter indoor farmers market-Burlington, VT

Got in town in just enough time to make the twice-monthly Burlington Farmers Market in the winter. Very active, good number of vendors. More and more of the markets here are thriving in the winter- for example, Rutland’s market sounds like a huge success and goes all year now.

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