The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry by Laura Dunn — Kickstarter

I know many of this blog’s readers will be thrilled to support  this great project.


Growing the Farm – Feeding Mississippi by Beaverdam Fresh Farms — Kickstarter

When I read quotes like this from a farmer, I know that the community food revolution is in full swing and in good hands:

We hope that our building of this processing facility, moving forward with obtaining a permit, and completing inspections will create a replicable model for others and will increase the number of small pasture rotation farms in the South. We know that this next step is a big one, not only for us, but for the future of sustainable farming in Mississippi and the health of its families.

Community food system farmers are not simply working to revive the old way of business but cooperating and communicating on so many levels with their shoppers, peers and policy makers. Show your support if you can for these Mississippi farmers leading the way in sustainability.

Growing the Farm – Feeding Mississippi by Beaverdam Fresh Farms — Kickstarter.

How to fundraise through social media

Kickstarter is a perfect market fundraising tool for a board member to manage. Why not use to raise money for a small endowment that could pay for a staff person ultimately or save for a vendor emergency/business enhancement fund?