The Real Dirt on Farmer John-The Movie

How did I miss this movie?
A must-see movie for all food organizers. Farmer’s mind, farmer’s point of view.
Commodity farming, artist colonies, devil cult paranoia, homeopathic remedies, Rudolf Steiner, CSAs, body image remade by picking tomatoes, cancer, love, Mexico, giant bee costumes, community barn raising, and John’s mother Anna Peterson are all shared.
Independent Lens

Objectified-The Movie

A movie that looks at industrial design through designers explanations and theories. Well worth your time. You might be asking, why is this a post on a public market blog?
I believe that engineering of the market space itself is something in which many market organizers and vendors excel. Add to that how many innovate by designing/inventing new systems or appropriate tools when necessary.

So, designers? Yes, another title for a market organizer…

Two great quotes from the movie:

“If we understand what the extremes are, the middle will take care of itself.”

“Let’s put great design into everyday things.”