St. Paul food assessment report

The Neighborhood Food Project Assessing food security and access in Saint Paul, MN

The Neighborhood Food Project is a grassroots effort to begin to address food security and access issues in four communities in Saint Paul, MN (Dayton’s Bluff, Payne-Phalen, Thomas-Dale/Frogtown, and Summit University) through a community food assessment project. The project was initiated and coordinated by a partnership of four organizations (The Minnesota Project, Community Design Center of Minnesota, Minnesota Food Association, and Afro Eco) that are committed to neighborhood revitalization, sustainable food production, and equitable food distribution. The assessment project was conducted from November 2009 – November 2010. A total of 478 residents completed surveys in English, Spanish, or Hmong and 12 focus groups, held in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali, engaged more than 100 residents across the targeted Saint Paul neighborhoods. This work was supported by a Planning Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Food Project Program. Support was also provided by Saint-Paul Ramsey County Public Health and by Metropolitan State University’s Center for Community-Based Learning..

Link to report


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