Racial Justice webinars

One of the areas in which farmers market organizers need to examine their own biases and be open and honest about the barriers in our part of the movement is on racial equity. We should tip our hat to the community farm movement, because these issues are being raised in many more communities that work on urban ag and with immigrant farmers but unfortunately, in my experience it happens much less often in the general farmers market movement.
We can begin to learn how to address issues by attending webinars like this. This series was brought to my attention by my colleague Oklahoma farmer, market organizer and food activist Demalda Newsome who is leading the way in her own community and also throughout the U.S. as a board member of the Community Food Security Coalition and SSAWG.

Webinar Series Registration
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“Changing the Conversation on Race”
March 15, 1pm ET/10am PT
Avoid circular conversations around race that only lead to frustration and hurt. This session will help you move the discussion around racial justice past stalemate and towards one that’s more productive.
Presenters Kai Wright, Editorial Director of Colorlines.com, and Terry Keleher, Director of ARC’s Racial Justice Leadership Action Network will use examples from the award-winning Colorlines.com on framing sensitive topics.

“Taking Real Steps Towards Racial Justice”
April 19, 1pm ET/10am PT
Most people want to eliminate racism, but are not sure what to do or how to do it. Racism often occurs without consciousness or malice, but creating racial justice requires clarity and methodology.
Presenter Terry Keleher, Director of ARC’s Racial Justice Leadership Action Network will draw on examples of legal, policy and budgetary initiatives that have changed communities across the country.
In this interactive training, you’ll get practical tools to:
Talk effectively about racism
Keep conversations constructive and productive
Move from conversation towards actions and solutions
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
Counteract unconscious bias
Identify everyday opportunities for advancing racial justice
Move from institutional racism to “institutionalizing racial equity

If you want even more in-depth learning, save the date for November 15-17. ARC’s 2012 Facing Race Conference brings the most exciting thinkers, leaders, and activists together in Baltimore, MD. Early Bird registration is open now!

Link to registration


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