Morven Summer Institute studies farmers markets evaluation

Morven Summer Institute, University of Virgina

The University of Virginia has begun their latest set of summer courses at their Morven Summer Institute outside of Charlottesville. The Farmers Market Coalition has partnered with professors Tanya Denckla Cobb, Department of Urban & Environmental Planning and Paul Freedman, Department of Politics to present a 2-week course on farmers markets.

Farmers Markets and Applied Food Systems Research will explore the history of the modern farmers market movement, its purpose and discuss emerging evaluation techniques through guest lecturers such as Stacy Miller, Executive Director of FMC, Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of, Bernie Prince, FMC Board President and Co-Director of Fresh Farm, and yours truly, independent researcher and public market trainer. The students will also attempt some market-level research using the Indicator Matrix we are developing at FMC and’s SEED tool.
About Morven:
In 2001, philanthropist John W. Kluge gave an extraordinary gift of real estate to the University of Virginia Foundation for educational and charitable purpose. The 7,379-acre gift, valued in excess of $45 million, more than doubled the University’s land holdings. Located in southeastern Albemarle County, the properties comprised 11 farms and estates, including historic Morven Farm.


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