Environmental factors spread obesity, study shows

If there was ever a study that assisted markets with choosing the right location for markets hoping to incentivize significant nutritional behavior changes…. The well structured analysis simply points out how “Areas with above-average concentrations of food-related businesses had high-than-normal prevalence of obesity and diabetes.” In other words, it might be an example of Tulane Professor Diego Rose’s food swamp language, which explains that large concentration of bad food is much more prevalent than no food (a food desert) where obesity and diabetes is a prevailing issue. If more of this teams’ studies show that the fluctuations found correlate to a socioeconomic disparity (as they think it might), then we might have the data to further the market theory that markets located on “edge communities” serving more than one socioeconomic community will do a great deal for all of those communities.

Environmental factors spread obesity, study shows.


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