R.I.P. Jim Core, anchor farmer at Crescent City Farmers Market and Covington Farmers Market

ImageI arrived at the Covington Farmers Market and saw Jan almost immediately. Sadly, she told me that she had news this morning that one of the shared vendors between CCFM and CVM had passed away overnight.It was not entirely unexpected, but still a shock. We talked quietly of Jim and Gladys for a few minutes and then I spoke to AJ, their grandson (the up and coming farmer in the family) who valiantly came to sell on this sad morning. Jim would have agreed with AJ on that. Now is the time to support the family as only a market community can – with small moments of consideration and shared memories. Thanks Jim for your never-ending innovation and humor. We’ll do our best to assist Taylor’s Happy Oaks Farm.

Click here to learn what the Crescent City Farmers Market is doing to honor Jim


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