Lompoc growers sue farmers market

Wow, two stories posted today about vendors publicly disagreeing with markets. Not my favorite subject but certainly a necessary one to acknowledge.
I wonder if anything could have been done (in either case) to reduce the scope of these problems by assessing the problem ahead of time or maybe by asking for outside facilitation. I often hear stories from markets about disagreements they have with vendors. The best markets respond quickly and fairly to those issues and whenever possible, create more avenues of transparent governance to ensure that increasingly complex market projects do not leave loyal vendors behind.
So, as we expand the reach of markets, I think we need to make doubly sure that our main partners-the farmers-understand how decisions are made and are included when possible. Of course, it is possible that in both cases that there was nothing that could be done to avoid this conflict. In any case, let’s hope that the markets and the farmers rebound quickly from this.
Market suit story


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