EBT Research Table

One of the pieces in the Vermont Market Currency Feasibility Report was the addition of a table of useful, current research on EBT at markets, collected and designed for me by the also useful and current Farmers Market Coalition. Here is a link to that 3-page table.

EBT table


  1. An email from MIFMA’s Dru Montri:

    If you are interested in adding a few other EBT research projects to this table, you could include:

    · USDA WIC CVB pilot project in Kent County, MI, that also includes a SNAP component

    · My dissertation research and specifically the HortTech article that I forwarded you last week

    · MS research by Rebecca Mino (see http://magic.lib.msu.edu/search~S39?/eMSU+ONLINE+THESIS/emsu+online+thesis/-3%2C13809%2C0%2CB/frameset&FF=emsu+online+thesis;W=th+++;M=m;L=eng;Ya=2011;Yb=2013;T=farmers+market&1%2C%2C2/indexsort=a)

    · MS Plan B by Lindsay Way and MIFMA (to be published soon)

    · MIFMA’s ongoing (2009-present) MIFMA year-end evaluation of SNAP at MI farmers markets – 2012 results to be available soon

    · Fair Food Networks DUFB evaluation


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