State and Network Leader Discussion Series

Calling all State Association and Market Network Leaders: Please register for the FMC State and Network Leader webinar discussion on July 8th, at 4pm EST/1 PST. We will be discussing the Mobile Market App and any challenges that markets and networks face using smart phone technology. Darlene Wolnik, independent consultant to public markets, will be moderating. Please be ready to ask any questions or share comments during the call, or feel free to submit questions beforehand. This is meant to be a discussion among leaders, not an informational webinar.

Last month, several participants called in to the webinar via phone only. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of this technology, those participants were in ‘listen only mode’ and couldn’t speak or ask questions. If possible, join the webinar through your computer AND your phone, for optimum sound and participation!

However, these calls are recorded and notes taken so everyone can share after the call is over. If you are a network leader and have not received the invitation, email Liz at to receive a registration.


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