Millennials’ hunger for fresh foods eats into food giants’ profits

Wojchik said he gravitates to the coolers and produce displays on the supermarket’s periphery, not the center aisles. “My wife has actually said to me, ‘Don’t shop in the center of the store, most of the healthy stuff is on the perimeter.’ ”

The fresh produce boom has even hurt sales of frozen vegetables, including General Mills’ Green Giant offerings, analysts say.

The frozen category is still a big one, and it’s not declining significantly, said General Mills’ Harmening. Still, he said, “people are going more to fresh.”

A report by analyst Howard showed that fresh produce was one of only three supermarket food categories — out of 13 surveyed — that registered an increase in consumer consumption over the past five years.

“It seems that we have recently hit some sort of tipping point, whereby demand for heavily processed foods is tapering off, while demand for healthier and simpler products is picking up,” according to Howard
Millennials' hunger for fresh foods eats into food giants' profits | Star Tribune.


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