The Difference Choosing Ugly Vegetables Can Make – CityLab

If “grow it to sell it” was the revolutionary idea in farmers markets during the 1970s-1990, and “healthy food for everyone” was the call to arms for the last 25 years, then “use it all” has to be the next big idea for food system organizers. Keeping food out of the waste stream by encouraging use of the ugly food items is such a simple and elegant idea that it may very well finally connect the entrepreneurial to the environmental in food organizing.

Actually, it supports a corresponding and extraordinary idea that my pal Poppy Tooker created over a decade ago for her New Orleans/Gator region Slow Food work: “eat it to save it.”

(check out the previous post too, about the Farmer Foodshare project in North Carolina which addresses getting good food out of the garbage bin and to more eaters.)

The Difference Choosing Ugly Vegetables Can Make – CityLab.