From field to fork: the six stages of wasting food 

I foresee “Ugly Food” events at farmers markets or even “Ugly Food” sections of vendors tables with people crowding around them. It will certainly be great for markets to lead the way by showing how much food we are wasting or by teaching folks how and when to use bruised or less pretty fruit and veggies.

“Americans chuck out two tons of food per second – be it at the farm for being ‘ugly’ or at the table because we’re too finicky.”

Source: The Guardian story

Sign up for Food Tank’s live stream Summit

I’m a big fan of Food Tank and thought last year’s summit was thought-provoking and lively. I kept the live stream on all day while I worked to be able to stop and take notes when necessary.

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Waste not

40% of our food is wasted; 25% is wasted by the consumer. Great points to share with your community.






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