Jaime Lerner’s “Pinpricks of Change 

“good acupuncture is about drawing people out to the streets and creating meeting places. Mainly, it is about helping the city become a catalyst of interactions between people.”

“street peddlers represent an institution as old as the city itself. Think of open-air markets. At a given hour, in a given neighborhood, street merchants go to work — often hours before the lights go on in traditional storefronts — and then vanish along with their wares and jerry-built booths, leaving hardly a trace.” Commerce is then kept alive day and night, which also makes streets feel safer.

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Southeast could become an overdeveloped ‘megalopolis’ in the next half century

Researchers estimate that urbanization will increase 190 percent, resulting in a continuous string of development similar to the northeast corridor, according to the article. As a result, 15 percent of agricultural land, 12 percent of grasslands and 10 percent of forests will be lost, the article reports.

“The upshot is that . . . climate change isn’t the only story in the Southeast,” Terando said. “There are large-scale human impacts on our environment . . . the way we develop.”

Numerous species of animals would be left with no habitat. The loss of woodlands that soak up rainfall would leave local waters more vulnerable to the storm-water runoff that washes nutrient pollution from lawns and motor oils from roads, in addition to increased garbage.”

Southeast could become an overdeveloped ‘megalopolis’ in the next half century – The Washington Post.