Occupy our time

The latest newsletter from the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) came out last Wednesday and it strikes a whole bunch of the same notes as the orchestration being played by hundreds of thousands of individuals in Zuccotti Park and many other public spaces around the world these days.
FMC points out that economy of scale arguments (“Get Big or Get out” for those who know their post WW agriculture history) and words like efficiency and scale have (for years) been used against those of us who prefer to work towards diversity, shared wealth, sufficiency and innovation in our movement. And that human-scaled movements that work are messy and hard to quantify or even to see, but there they are, in booking places to stay or quietly sharing knowledge…
FMC inspired me and probably lots of you too while they reminded us to take the time to measure success in our world in accordance with the values we fight for and, as importantly, to keep at it. Sometimes those words are necessary even for zealots like food organizers…
FMC Newsletter


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