Facebook fundraising for 501 (c)(3) organizations

This post clearly outlines how to use the Facebook fundraising page that is available; it does require that you are a 501 (c) (3) and uses GuideStar’s listing as confirmation. It also offers the chance for your donors to opt in to your email list and allow your supporters to fundraise on the market’s behalf.  For some markets, this feature may be the answer to their fundraising needs for now.

As is mentioned in the post, the key to this is to make sure that your GuideStar page is up to date.

Facebook’s New Fundraising Tools


#MyFarmBill campaign

This week, the USDA launched #MyFarmBill, a social media campaign emphasizing the importance of Farm Bill programs. As part of the campaign, USDA is asking people across the country to use their own voices and gadgets to make video selfies about what the Farm Bill means to them and why we need a comprehensive Food, Farms, and Jobs Bill.

Farmers can do it. Ranchers can do it. Market managers can do it. Grocery store buyers and shoppers can do it. Anyone who eats can do it.  That means you. 

There are lots of elements of the Farm Bill that affect you every day and the USDA and Wholesome Wave want to hear about it!

How can you participate? Grab your gadget and in 15 seconds or less tell the world what the Farm Bill means to you. Then post your video via Instagram, Vine, or Facebook. Don’t forget to use the #MyFarmBill hashtag so USDA won’t miss it and tag it @wholesomewave so we can see it too! USDA is posting incoming videos and comments on Storify and are even retweeting some of their favorites.

To see Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s video to kick off the campaign, click here.To see other people’s submissions, go to Twitter and search #MyFarmBill.

We all eat. We all have a voice.  Most of us have gadgets.  Please use yours and tell the world what the Farm Bill means to you.
Thank you!

The Wholesome Wave Policy Team