Texas – HB 1926: The Homemade Foods Bill

HB 1926 allows home preparation of previously disallowed foods such as tamales, canned vegetables, fermented foods, and perishable (potentially hazardous) baked goods. Sales would be allowed anywhere in the state, including through mail order and internet sales, as long as the producer and consumer are both in Texas.

Source: Texas – HB 1926: The Homemade Foods Bill – Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund


New reef rebuilt entirely to help save fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico

The Nature Conservancy is working to restore Half Moon Reef, an underwater oyster colony in the heart of Matagorda Bay, which is one of the most productive fisheries for blue crabs, oysters and shrimp in Texas.
The 45-acre Half Moon Reef will be the Conservancy’s first reef constructed from the ground up.

The Dallas Farmers Market is no longer controlled by the city. What happens now?

The Dallas Farmers Market is an interesting version of a public market. Almost a decade ago, I was invited to Dallas for a set of public meetings (along with DC/Fresh Farm founder Ann Yonkers) to help the chefs, farmers and food entrepreneurs get to the next step in reorganizing this market.It seemed then that a lot of competing ideas were on the table and that to get it moving, they would need both deep design options and mission development. This news may signal that they have taken the necessary next step.

The Dallas Farmers Market is no longer controlled by the city. What happens now? (And what becomes of Pecan Lodge?) | City Hall Blog.