Wallace Center HUFED October 2012 newsletter

Click here to see the October 2012 newsletter of upcoming events, webinars and reports released for food actvists.

FMC winter webinar schedule

News from Farmers Market Coalition:

We are about to send out the market beet, our Autumn newsletter, and it includes a pretty fantastic lineup of webinar topics and experts. To expedite the approval process for our webinars, we are asking that people use their member # in the registration form.

And, here is the schedule:

FMC capacity building webinars take place on the second Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise noted. Webinars are for FMC members and provide an opportunity for interactive learning and skill development from experts in the field.

November- Purpose Defined: Developing a Market Mission Statement
November 13, 2012, 1 pm eastern
Presenter- Darlene Wolnik, Independent Researcher and Trainer – Community Food Systems
and FMC Market Programs Advisor
Moderator- Jen O’Brien, Interim Executive Director, Farmers Market Coalition

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December: Event Fundraiser Success Stories
December 11, 2012, 1 pm eastern
Presenters- multiple farmers market managers including:
Megan McBride, manager, Easton Farmers Market, PA
Donita Anderson, executive director, North Union Farmers Market, OH
Moderator- Leslie Schaller, director, ACEnet

January: Vendor Stories: Vendor perspectives on Market Organization
January 8, 2013, 1 pm eastern
Presenters- Multiple direct marketing farmers

February: The Power of POP: Oregon City presents their children’s market program
February 12, 2013, 1pm eastern.
Presenters- Jackie Hammond Williams, market manager, Oregon City Farmers Market
Natalie Roper, FMC intern, student, UVA- replicating POP in Charlottesville, VA

March: Farmers Market Promotion Program evaluation
March 12, 2013 1pm eastern
Presenters- Stacy Miller, Farmers Market Coalition

Also in early 2013
Farmers Market Coalition member meeting
~and~ 2013 FMPP application process

2011 FMC webinar: Markets as Business Incubators: Strategies To Grow Your Vendor Base

A great one with Young Kim of Fondy Food Center and Peter Marks from Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project presenting.

My 2010 SSAWG Presentation on Market Measurement

I’m going to post some of the presentations, podcasts and videos that I have created for farmers markets over the last few years on here. Hope these are helpful.

Online Fundraising Assessment Webinar

Tell The Truth Today, Raise More Tomorrow:

Assessing Your Online Fundraising Capacity

Thu, October 18th, 2012 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Presented by: Debra Askanase, Community Organizer 2.0

In this webinar, we will walk you through a comprehensive evaluation of the state of your organization’s online fundraising strategy. Assessments are not a judgment, but rather a statement of where you are along a continuum of practice, and can offer practical insights into your online fundraising execution and effectiveness.

Prior to the webinar, we will send an anonymous, brief survey to all webinar attendees asking you to evaluate the state of optimization of your current online fundraising capabilities. We will share the aggregated survey answers during the webinar, and what that means for the state of online fundraising in the nonprofit industry.

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CSA benchmarks

As many of you know, I am conducting research for a national indicator matrix for food systems. (See FMC story on this blog from a few weeks ago for more info…) so I am very much looking forward to this webinar and encourage you to register and to pass the info along to farmers as well.


Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food webinar

Thursday, I attended the USDA & Regional Food Systems: Navigating the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative – an NGFN webinar held by Winrock International. Nice overview of the new site that highlights the programs and case studies that have been supported by USDA in the last few years that benefit regional food. The Compass pdf is excellent and connects programs, farmers and funding so that people can see the entire scope. Do realize this is what has been funded through the USDA and not a list of all food projects in the US. Take a look at the webinar at a later date, it will remain available and do remember to download and share the pdf:
I think the enthusiasm over the site and the use of social media is fantastic, but I do hope that we can keep some paper and pen activists involved as well. So many of our networks do not have easy access to the internet or social networking-I asked how they might involve those without broadband and Wendy answered that they are working with the land grant universities and the extension service in every region and also working with partners that can spread the word. So please, visionary food system folks, set up a computer at the market or in your office and show your farmers, fellow organizers and stakeholders the site and make sure your stories are told on this excellent new site.

Racial Justice webinars

One of the areas in which farmers market organizers need to examine their own biases and be open and honest about the barriers in our part of the movement is on racial equity. We should tip our hat to the community farm movement, because these issues are being raised in many more communities that work on urban ag and with immigrant farmers but unfortunately, in my experience it happens much less often in the general farmers market movement.
We can begin to learn how to address issues by attending webinars like this. This series was brought to my attention by my colleague Oklahoma farmer, market organizer and food activist Demalda Newsome who is leading the way in her own community and also throughout the U.S. as a board member of the Community Food Security Coalition and SSAWG.

Webinar Series Registration
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“Changing the Conversation on Race”
March 15, 1pm ET/10am PT
Avoid circular conversations around race that only lead to frustration and hurt. This session will help you move the discussion around racial justice past stalemate and towards one that’s more productive.
Presenters Kai Wright, Editorial Director of Colorlines.com, and Terry Keleher, Director of ARC’s Racial Justice Leadership Action Network will use examples from the award-winning Colorlines.com on framing sensitive topics.

“Taking Real Steps Towards Racial Justice”
April 19, 1pm ET/10am PT
Most people want to eliminate racism, but are not sure what to do or how to do it. Racism often occurs without consciousness or malice, but creating racial justice requires clarity and methodology.
Presenter Terry Keleher, Director of ARC’s Racial Justice Leadership Action Network will draw on examples of legal, policy and budgetary initiatives that have changed communities across the country.
In this interactive training, you’ll get practical tools to:
Talk effectively about racism
Keep conversations constructive and productive
Move from conversation towards actions and solutions
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
Counteract unconscious bias
Identify everyday opportunities for advancing racial justice
Move from institutional racism to “institutionalizing racial equity

If you want even more in-depth learning, save the date for November 15-17. ARC’s 2012 Facing Race Conference brings the most exciting thinkers, leaders, and activists together in Baltimore, MD. Early Bird registration is open now!

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FMC Webinar: Price Comparisons

Price comparisons at farmers markets: understanding value and affordability

In the February Farmers Market Coalition webinar, farmer and community and economic development specialist Anthony Flaccavento of Rural SCALE, Inc. will discuss his recent price comparisons between farmers markets and grocery stores in six states, and offer advice on how this data can be part of efforts to reinforce markets’ commitment to equity and affordability. Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday February 7, 2012 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST

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FMC Price Comparison Webinar – February 7

Tuesday February 7 at 2 pm EST.
In this webinar, farmer and community and economic development specialist Anthony Flaccavento of Rural SCALE, Inc. will discuss his recent price comparisons between farmers markets and grocery stores in six states, and offer advice on how this data can be part of efforts to reinforce markets’ commitment to equity and affordability.

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FMC December webinar: Measuring the Mob

Farmers Market Coalition continues their monthly webinar series with the first one devoted to a deeper understanding of measurement. Two stalwarts of the farmers market movement, Garry Stephenson and Richard McCarthy present their clicking or dot methods and take questions on the challenges found. As always, free for FMC members, which includes access to the archives.

Acclerating Community Capital-BALLE

We all seek to make our capital work effectively for our home communities, and moving our money is an important step. But after we move our money, what happens to it? And how can we influence what that money does in our communities?

In this timely webinar, we’ll hear straight from the source:

What motivates these institutions to actively advance community capital;
What the differences are between credit unions and local banks, and their respective motivations and strengths;
What services each uses to build more equitable and sustainable local economies;
How businesses and network leaders can partner more deeply with these institutions to support the development of local living economies;
And how communities can replicate some of their successful programs and community partnerships.

Come learn how to make your money work for your community by partnering with local banks and credit unions.
more on topic and registration here

There’s still time…

To join the Farmers Market Coalition’s webinar today at 11 EST, “Markets As Business Incubators: Strategies To Grow Your Vendor Base” with a simple registration on their website.
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Young Kim from Fondy Food Center in Milwaukee WI and Peter Marks from Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project in Asheville North Carolina will present some case studies and recommendations for markets to increase the benefits for vendors to participate, large or small.
The archives of the webinar will be available to review for FMC members after the call.