“Work” graphics

Funny graphics from Sarah Cooper from her site The Cooper Review.  Offered in good fun, as of course some meetings are actually productive!



Under the heading: Things I bet your market has not dealt with yet

Baboon ambushes woman at Cape Town farmers’ market

The baboon sat and waited patiently for an easy target leaving a farmers’ market in Cape Town, South Africa.
He then made his move, and boldly strode up to a shopper and robbed her in broad daylight of her rhubarb.
Unimpressed with his haul, he then went back a second time, this time stealing an avocado.
The protected species is a growing problem for Cape Town citizens, some even raid their homes.
There are now 500 baboons living in the city and their food gathering tactics are getting more daring. The chacma baboon patiently waits for people to leave the farmers’ market where fresh vegetables are on sale.


It’s funny.